Baking Journey

Come along with me on my baking journey and share some fun photos along the way in my journey through the baking and pastry world.  Thus far, it has been such a thrilling ride and a real passion to be able to pursue this sweet line of work.  It’s been said, when you get up and do what you love that it’s not work, I absolutely find that to be so true!!!!  This has been such an awesome experience and here are some fun pictures to share with you.

Culinary School

Baking Journey Starts

Cooking and passion were my inspiration for finally fulfilling the dream of attending Culinary School. Upon moving to the Washington, D.C. area, I was able to find a program that allowed me attend while my kids were in school.

It was such an exciting day graduating from culinary school in Falls Church, VA.  I absolutely couldn’t wait to get to class every day and learned so much by my great Chef Instructors.   Also had the great opportunity in assisting the Chef at the Finland Embassy hosting a dinner for the ambassador.  I remember peeling and slicing so many mangoes which can sometimes be a challenge in itself!  It was a great experience all around especially in food production and preparing for a large dinner party.

I had the time of my life; I loved every minute of when I was there and was like a sponge soaking up everything I learned.

Graduated with an Advanced Culinary Arts degree but took all my electives in baking and pastry. Ironically, my specialized Pastry Classes were held in Reagan Airport Kitchen.

Spectacular Pastry Chef

Chef Roland Mesnier white house pastry chef
White House Chef Roland Mesnier

Baking Journey Privilege

During the time I was attending culinary school, I had the distinct honor in meeting the former White House Pastry Chef, Roland Mesnier at a local gingerbread house contest where he was one of the judges.  He was so kind, and I enjoyed so much talking with him so much.  In the contest, I submitted a “German Gasthaus” Gingerbread house which he really liked.  What a thrill!  Additionally, I have his cookbooks and I love reading through them reflecting on meeting with him and his incredible career and talent.

Baking Expo-Cooking Show Guests

Meeting Bobby and Jamie Dean at a local cooking event in my baking journey
Jamie and Bobby Dean

While as assisting at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show, an annual event held in Washington D.C. Convention Center, I met Paula Dean’s sons (Jamie and Bobby) who were giving a southern cooking demo. Of course, there were grits involved and it was right up my alley being a southern girl myself.  Both were so much fun to be around, incredibly kind, and spoke so highly of their talented mother, Paula.

Baking Journey-Professional

Nations Great Cake Decorator

While competing in the Great American Cake Show in MD, I took a cake decorating class with one of the best cake decorators in the country.  She taught that day on how to use the embroidery technique on cakes and she was awesome!  Moreover, she was a great instructor who is incredibly talented.  It was such a thrill to learn from her. Additionally, I have all of her cake decorating books and she was such an inspiration in my own cake decorating business.

Meeting Collete Peters in my baking journey
Collete Peters-Cake Artist

Recipes Published

Lastly, it truly was an honor to have my recipes published in these two great magazines!  To my surprise, in both cases my recipes were submitted years in advance before these publications came out.  Ironically enough, it was my mother who found my recipe in the Southern Living via her neighbor!  Luckily, I still had my copy of the magazine and with excitement turned the pages to see the recipe.  It was super cool and Southern Living is one of my favorite magazines I have been reading for years.

Taste of Home is a magazine I subscribed to when I was a young bride and learning to cook.  It was such a thrill to have a recipe published in this issue.

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