Science of Baking

Baking is a science; the recipe is the formula which must consist of the right balance of ingredients to produce the best possible baked product.  Moreover, baking science is a delicate balance between the strengtheners in the recipe which act as binders (flour, egg, milk) and the tenderizers (sugar, fat, leavening agents), which give texture.  These two parts of the equation will produce the most optimal baked product 

Pull up a chair and take a seat in the kitchen laboratory and we’ll explore a little science together, no grade is given however, you may never look at baking the same way again.

Egg Basics

Some food science focusing on the incredible, edible egg. This post talks about:

  • What are eggs
  • Nutrition
  • Composition
  • How to test for freshness
  • How to determine their freshness

Flour Power

Here is a brief 411 about all things flour. Did you know that different kinds of flour have different amount of proteins? Check it out here.

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