Best Pancakes-Washington, D.C

Fl Avenue Grill sign

Ok I have eaten my share of pancakes, flapjacks, hotcakes, whatever is your favorite way to call them. They are such a tradition for breakfast. I admit, I do have my favorite places but this might be in the top 3 of all places.

The Florida Avenue Grill is a small classic diner that’s been in business since 1944. Sits in NE Washington, D.C. near Howard University. If you are lucky enough to find a table you can marvel at all the famous people who have been there. Their photos are posted all around the diner.

commodores picture

Where we were sitting was a picture of one of my favorite groups, The Commodore’s.

One of their signature dishes is their hotcakes which according to their menu, have been flying off the grill since before we were born. I love that!

They top them with powdered sugar and cinnamon to stamp their signature trademark on them and they are absolutely delicious!! They literally melt in your mouth and they are huge. You can really taste the buttermilk in them and they are light and fluffy. Perfect for any time of the day.

Their service is fast and efficient and you can be in and out in 30 minutes! If you are ever in the DC area, definitely check it out!

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