Biscuit Crumbets

Biscuit Crumbits-The Best of Two

Biscuit Crumbits-Biscuits and Crumb Cakes All In One

Need a great idea to use scraps of leftover biscuit dough?  Try these biscuit crumbits, they are delicious and a fun spin on your traditional biscuit.

Biscuit crumbets

Recipe Idea

These were born out of my imagination of trying to think of a unique way to use leftover biscuit dough.  Instead of rolling out more biscuits these little gems were created.  I use a smaller cutter to make them mini size so they make popping in your mouth easy and fun!

I cut the mini biscuits out pretty thick, about ½” thick, just as I do for a regular size biscuit.  Brush the tops with melted butter, sprinkle them with a cinnamon sugar mixture, and topped them with a crumble topping and baked.  They are absolutely delicious.

Biscuit and Crumble

Think of these crumbits as a marriage between a biscuit and a crumb cake, how can you go wrong with that? Wink wink.  Here, you get the fluffiness of a buttermilk biscuit topped with sweet crumb mixture of a coffee cake making it the best of both worlds!

Biscuit crumbets before baking

For a simple and easy biscuit recipe, click here.  This is great recipe that came from my aunt in a tried and true recipe she gave to me in my very first cookbook scrapbook when I got married.  It’s terrific!   Just three simple ingredients to make a fabulous batch of biscuits.  Or use your favorite biscuit recipe.  Maybe you have a family favorite as well.

Biscuit Crumbets

You could also turn this into a trifecta of biscuit, crumb cake, and cinnamon roll by finishing this off with a vanilla icing drizzle.  Yum.

Try these for your next breakfast or brunch!!  I hope you enjoy these mini’s as much as I do!


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