Biscuit Crumbets

Biscuit Crumbits-The Best of Two

Biscuit Crumbits is biscuit meets crumb cake. A simple biscuit recipe along with a buttery crumb mixture all baked together for a new spin on a breakfast treat.

Biscuit crumbits stacked and ready to eat

Biscuit Recipe Inspiration

These were born out of my imagination of trying to think of a unique way to use leftover biscuit dough.  Instead of rolling out more biscuits these little gems were created.  I use a smaller cutter to make them mini size, so they make popping in your mouth easy and fun!

Recipe How-To

I cut the mini biscuits out pretty thick, about ½” thick, just as I do for a regular size biscuit.  Brush the tops with melted butter, sprinkle them with a cinnamon sugar mixture, and topped them with a crumble topping and baked.  They are absolutely delicious. If you have a favorite crumble recipe, use that. Any crumb topping will work!

Biscuit Cumbits Intersection

Truly these Biscuit Crumbits are a marriage between a biscuit and a crumb cake, how can you go wrong with that?.  Here, you get the fluffiness of a buttermilk biscuit topped with sweet crumb crunchy mixture of a coffee cake making it the best of both worlds! For an amazing crumb cake recipe, check out this recipe for Sour Cream Crumb Cake, totally to DIE FOR!

Biscuit crumbits before baking

For a simple and easy biscuit recipe, click here.  This is great recipe that came from my aunt in a tried-and-true recipe she gave to me in my very first cookbook scrapbook when I got married.  It’s terrific!   Just three simple ingredients to make a fabulous batch of biscuits.  Or use your favorite biscuit recipe.  Maybe you have a family favorite as well.

Biscuit Crumbits on a serving board

Biscuit Crumpet Finishing Idea

You could also turn this into a trifecta of biscuit, crumb cake, and cinnamon roll by finishing this off with a vanilla icing drizzle.  Yum. Really, you can design them almost anyway to your liking.

Try these for your next breakfast or brunch!!  I hope you enjoy these mini’s as much as I do!

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