cactus cookies in a bakery box

Cactus Cookies

Arizona Sign
One of our favorite places to live

Cactus cookies are a celebration of our summer travels back to the beautiful state of Arizona.  I have to say it was super great to be back as it had been 20 years since living in Tucson.  Being back felt like nothing had changed and it was refreshing to leave behind the east coast for a few days and especially the humidity from such a tropical summer!

Cactus Awakening

When we landed in Phoenix it was 110 degrees.  You would never know with the dry heat.  The cactus’ are in full force just south of Phoenix in the Black Canyon City area.  The desert hillsides are just loaded with them, one after the other.  As well as, found in the Sonoran Desert in and near Tucson.  These guys can grow 40-60 feet tall!

They truly are magnificent to see up close and personal. Be careful though, don’t get pricked!

Saguro cactus in AZ
Amazing Saguaro Cactus

Cactus Cake-Tucson

I did a recent post celebrating our time in Tuscon with a special Cactus Cake. Even entered it into a cake show and it did very well! Woo Hoo!

Desert Southwest

Our travels took us back to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Phoenix, and the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.  Truly spectacular scenery there and a beauty of its own.  Here are a few pictures taken from the airport which shows an impressive aerial view with the monsoon approaching.

Sedona AZ
Beautiful Sedona seen from the airport

Cactus Cookie Inspiration

After returning from home, I was inspired to make a batch of these cactus cookies in honor of being back in the beautiful Southwest.  I could easily pick up everything and move back in a heartbeat!

Cactus Kitchen

My memories took me straight to my kitchen and creating these yummy replicas of these awesome structures!

decorating cookies with icing
Royal Icing dipped cactus cookies

I baked the cactus cookies, cooled them and then dipped them into powdered sugar icing.

royal iced cookies
Decorated Cactus Cookies

After they dried, I went back with thicker icing and added the finishing touches.

Cactus cookies
Southwest in a cookie

What trip has inspired your baked creation? Share in comments below, would love to hear!

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