Chocolate caramel cupcake sliced open to see the caramel oozing out

Chocolate Cupcake Heaven

Chocolate Lover’s Delight

Chocolate cupcake flavors displayed on a tower
Candle stands make great cupcake stands!

Chocolate Cupcake Heaven you are wondering, are you? Let’s start here, chocolate cupcakes have been such a favorite probably since I was a kid.  What is not to like about a chocolate cupcake?  It’s like you own little individualized version of a piece of cake for you to enjoy exclusively. So, I decided to come up with some great flavor combination for my own personal cupcake heaven when the cravings hit.

Back when I had my cake business, the chocolate cupcakes seem to always be the top sellers so I was trying to come up with new flavors that customers would really love.  Additionally, I would also have a booth at arts and crafts events, and they always were the first ones to sell out!

I love finding unique ways to showcase cupcakes. My dear friend, who is super talented and artistic, painted me this amazing candle stand silver (see above). Makes an incredible centerpiece for holding cupcakes.

Speaking of cupcakes, one of my favorite place to order for friends and family is Wicked Good Cupcakes. I love the concept of cupcakes in jars. While my kids were away at college, this would be my go-to birthday gift. They are delicious and their customer service is fantastic!

Come join me in my journey for my Best Chocolate Cupcake Heaven creations.

Chocolate Caramel

This is my absolute favorite cupcake and goes PERFECTLY with the Chocolate Cupcake Heaven theme.  I love the decoration on the top and the rich caramel just seals the deal.  I make the caramel homemade and the luscious creamy consistency of it just takes the cupcake to another level.  When you bite into this chocolaty goodness, the caramel just oozes out.  It’s a moment to savor and think just how good life truly is!

Chocolate caramel cupcake sliced open to see the caramel oozing out

Death By Chocolate

This is a chocolate lovers dream come true.  Hidden inside each cupcakes is a glorious chocolate ganach.  Pair that with the chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, and a chocolate drizzle, its almost a quadruple chocolate threat.  Any chocolate lover would enjoy this one. Perfect addition to the Chocolate Cupcake Heaven I might add……

Fudge Sundae

This reminds me of those wonderful ice cream cones you get with the hard chocolate shell on top, yum!  I designed this cupcake after that yummy treat.  Vanilla buttercream is topped on this chocolate cupcakes and immersed in a chocolate coating that hardens. Of course, it must have a few sprinkles to bring it to the sundae look.  One bite totally takes you back to that delicious ice cream treat.

Three Chocolate Cupcakes on a platter
Chocolate Caramel, Fudge Sundae, and Death By Chocolate


This cupcake is probably the top seller out of all its chocolate friends.  Vanilla buttercream with a roasted marshmallow on top, a Hershey chocolate mini bar or Hershey kiss, and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs.  I love using those marshmallows you can buy at the store that are flat and designed for s’mores.  They make the perfect decorative touch and easy for torching.


This other vanilla buttercream topped chocolate cupcake is one for the coffee lover.  Coffee extract is used in the batter along with mini chocolate chips that give a great chocolate boost.  Also, I sometimes use strong espresso to flavor the buttercream.  A sprinkle of cocoa powder topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean completes this coffee delight.

Chocolate Cupcake Heaven

Assortment of chocolate cupcakes displayed on a plate
From left to right, Chocolate Caramel, Smores, Death By Chocolate, Mochachino, and Fudge Sundae

It’s always a great time to devour a chocolate cupcake!

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