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Dessert Bomb

Chocolate Mousse Cake-Triple Chocolate Threat

It doesn’t get any better than a light and creamy Chocolate Mousse Cake that makes a fabulous chocolate cake for a memorable birthday celebration cake. I like to call this a triple chocolate threat, taken over the top.

inside of the sliced triple chocolate bomb


This Chocolate Mousse Cake was inspired by my husband who is a die-hard chocolate lover. I wanted to do something different this year for his birthday to make it special and memorable.

Traditionally, he is a yellow cake lover with chocolate icing all the way. However, recently has become a bit more open to flavor combinations that I try as I pursue to be creative in surprising him with.

I decided to once again turn the table this year and give him a triple chocolate experience that just might put that yellow cake in the history books. At least for now, that is.


Chocolate Mousse: A simple three ingredient mousse that is super simple and tastes outstanding! No one will know you spent so little time on it. I promise!!!

Cake: The cake is also very light and chocolatey and completely flourless but you would never know it by the way it taste. You can use your favorite chocolate cake recipe.

Topping: Two ingredient topping for a simply decadent chocolate ganache. Here I used 5 oz of cream and 5 oz of semisweet chocolate.

Supper Easy Chocolate Mousse

  • 1 1/4 cup heavy cream-dividied
  • 6 oz semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp vanilla

Place chocolate chips and 1/4 cup cream in a microwave bowl and microwave at 30 second intervals till melted, stirring after each time. Be careful not to burn the chocolate. Once melted, put aside to cool.

In a mixing bowl whip the 1 cup cream till soft peaks. Fold that into the chocolate till all combined. Use immediately or put into serving dishes and chill till firm.

This recipe is from one of my all time favorite magazines, Southern Living.

Assembling the Cake

I bake off the cake in a sheet pan so I can cut circles out to place in a round bowl to create the “bomb” look.

Then I make the mousse and have it ready to assemble with the cake.

chcolate mousse ready to use
YUM!!! You must take a taste before using, of course….

Preparing the Bowl

I take a mixing bowl and line that with saran wrap. This will make getting it out of the bowl super easy and clean.

preparing bowl for dessert bomb

Assembling Chocolate Mousse Cake

I start by working backwards. The bottom of the cake in the bowl will really be the top of the cake once removed.

I use a round cutter and cut a piece of cake to fill the bottom part of the bowl.

I then spread the mousse over the top of the cake.

I keep repeating these steps, but cutting bigger circles of cake to cover the mousse as I proceed to the top of the bowl. Its okay if some of the cake breaks, you can just assemble the pieces together to form and cover the mousse.

Once this is done, you will have a dome that is filled with multiple layers of cake and mousse. So exciting!

Time for a Deep Freeze

I take the ends of the saran wrap that were overhanging the bowl and place those over the top to cover and wrap the cake with. This now goes into the freezer a few hours to freeze solid.

Freezing the cake will make it super easy to unmold and additionally, will allow you to make this up in advance.

Unmolding the Cake

Once frozen, I unmold it by lifting the cake with saran wrap out of the bowl. If it does not release easy, allow it warm up a bit or use a kitchen torch to warm up the sides of the bowl. The cake will pop right out.

chocolate bomb out of the freezer

I unwrap the cake and place it on a sheet pan and keep in the freezer till I’m ready to give it a divine bath with chocolate ganache.

Also, you can leave it wrapped up tightly with saran wrap and place in a freezer bag to keep in the freezer longer.

Time for Some Bathing

I prepare the ganache with equal parts of semis sweet chocolate and cream ( I weigh each accurately). I place it in the fridge to thicken up just a bit to the perfect pouring consistency.

I remove the cake from the freezer and place it on a wire rack that sits on top of a sheet pan to catch the excess chocolate ganache. Of course, surely not wanting to waste any of this silky goodness.

I then pour the delicious ganache on top making sure it has covered the bomb evenly.

I place this in the refrigerator to firm up. If you are short on time, you can place it in the freezer briefly to hurry that process along.

Finishing Touches

Once firm, I grab a spatula and transfer the cake to a cake board before decorating.

I decorate it with some of the excess ganache drizzled over the top and some purple buttercream I had on hand. I love the color combination.

It makes such a show stopper cake that is simply awesome! Wait till you cut inside and see all those delicious layers. It is so worth the time to make this amazing and fun Chocolate Mousse Cake.

chocolate ganache bomb on a cake board
Place on cake board
decorated chocolate bomb
Fiinish with some colored buttercream

Tip for Mousse Cake

  • You could use any flavor of cake and mousse, even jam as a filling.
  • You can ice the top with buttercream or whipped cream.
  • Once decorated, you can place in freezer to firm up, then wrap in saran wrap to serve at a later date.

I hope this has inspired you to create something wonderful!

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