plate of christmas cookies

Christmas Cookies 2021

collection of christmas cookies on a plate

I love this time of year when Christmas Cookies get baked. But mostly, eating them! Initially I wanted to try many new recipes and mix in some family favorites. However, I didn’t get quite to my goal of many new versions, but a few new and traditional classics that have been on my Christmas cookie list for years.

Ok, so I had a laundry list of cookies that I wanted to try this year. Was so excited and couldn’t wait to try them all out. Unfortunately, time got the best of me, and I only made a small dent in this list. But hey, there is always next year! Or maybe I’ll try a few throughout the year to see if they make it on the list for next year. Check out these holiday cookies, some of my designs from past years.

Red Velvet Candy Cane Cookies

First up is the ever-popular candy cane. In the past, I have made a traditional candy cane with pinkish red color and they are delicious. However, this year I was intrigued by a recipe that made the red colored dough into red velvet. So, I had to give it a try. I do love red velvet.

This was the first cookie to start off the Christmas Cookie season. My daughter was home during Thanksgiving and she and I tackled this one. I have to admit, they were alot of work but turned out really fun and colorful.

Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies-Marbled

marbled christmas tree

Secondly, every year I make an assortment of sugar cookie cutouts, usually decorated with royal icing. Christmas Trees are ALWAYS at the top of the list! This season, since I was a bit short on time due the demands of a job, I decided to make a new version using the marble technique with royal icing.

Super simple to make by drizzling in green royal icing into white and dipping cookies into the bowl to achieve that marble effect. Super-fast and less time consuming than decorating with piping bags and detail. Have to say, I was really happy how they turned out.

Chocolate Snowflake Cookies

Snowflake cookies I love making every winter. Instead of the traditional vanilla sugar cookie cutout version, I decided to keep the theme but change to a chocolate dough to mix things up a bit. And of course, add a little chocolate to Christmas!

I love the white royal icing and how it contrasts with the dark brown dough. Really gives it such a pop, and super yummy to eat!

Orange Shortbread Stars

orange shortbread starts cooled

Last up, is shortbread. I’m always a fan of shortbread and I usually make my go-to recipe for Danish shortbread that a friend in Germany gave me. However, I decided to make an orange flavor version by adding fresh orange zest and touch of orange extract. After the cool, they are drizzled with white almond bark and sprinkled up! Flavor is amazing.

Old Favorite Christmas Classics

Looking back, here are some of my previous favorite Christmas Cookies and designs:

I’m not sure which one is my favorite or fun to make???…….. But I do know I LOVE eating them all!!!

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

chocolate crinkle cookies

First up, a huge family favorite with everyone. Decadent and delicious Chocolate Crinkles. I have been making these for years and we never tire of them. Also, I remember in my catering job I would make literally 100’s-1,000’s of these for the holidays. Super easy to make and love the powdered sugar effect when they are baked.

Strawberry Linzer Cookies

Hands down, these are my favorite cookie. The dough is super tasty, and you can change up the jam centers every year. This year, I decided to use strawberry since my dear friend gave me her amazing homemade jelly. Makes these cookies even more special! I use a scalloped cutter to cut the bottom and tops, then a Linzer cookie set to cut out the middle sections in different shapes.

Raspberry Almond Tartlets

raspberry tartlet cookies on sheet pan

Last but not least, is a delicious little tart that is filled with raspberry jam and an almond paste filling. The flavors are amazing, and I’m so addicted to them once I start eating them. The dough is a cream cheese butter combination that gets rolled and placed in mini muffin cups. Next, just a small amount of raspberry jam is placed in the bottom, then covered with the almond past mixture. They bake up super easy and pop right out of the muffin tin when cooled.

One thing I love about making Christmas cookies is sharing them with family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers! Life gets kind of busy during the holidays, doesn’t it? But mostly, there is something fun about taking the time out of the crazy to make and share sweet creations with others and bring them a little smile and happy tummy!

plate of christmas cookies

Some other Christmas Favorite Sweets

Merry Christmas, Happy Baking!

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