Cinnamon Rolls-Washington, D.C.

Cinnamon rolls are one of those things where you just can’t pass up on a brunch or breakfast menu. They are just beloved by many of us including my family.

Cinnamon Rolls Central Resturant
Oh my goodness, just look at that sauce!

So when we arrived for brunch at Central Restaurant in DC, and saw them on the menu we just had to opine. No arm twisting here. Notibly, we observed practically every table had them so we knew they had to be good.

Central is a great restaurant owned by Chef Michele Richard, who
is a prestigious James Beard Award Winner. We have dined here many times for dinner before but brunch was something new to try.

We were not disappointed in the least and the highlight were these amazing cinnamon rolls. Just drenched in brown sugar butter sauce and loaded with icing. Such an excitement when they are brought to the table and you can hardly wait to dive into these luscious pastries.

Cinnamon Rolls on a plate
Love the extra sauce for soaking up the roll or just eating it off the spoon!

Ooeey-gooey goodness all around. Everything works perfectly here. The roll is perfectly accented with cinnamon and sugar and the extra sauce is welcomed to use to mop up with your roll or just eat straight up!

The icing is just so delicious and rich, I could eat a gallon of it. Sticky buns and sticky fingers, now that is what I call a perfect way to have brunch.

These beauties made this brunch super memorable and can’t wait to go back!

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