Community Table-Kids Food Packs

Kids Packs

In our community there are so many great opportunities to give back and help those who are in need, primarily with hunger.  My family loves to help get involved in projects that can make an impact.  We found this great opportunity called “Food for Friends,”  it’s a program where you put together Ziploc packs of food for elementary aged children in need where they then take these home on weekends where they are provided meals.  Each pack provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks including oatmeal packets, individual cereals, granola and cereal bars, ravioli and macaroni and cheese bowls, and various juices and milks.

It’s a fun and easy way to get the family together and be a part of something that will truly help others.  Also, I was once given a great piece of wisdom concerning reaching out and helping in the community, and its that “no gift is too small.”  Typically, we think we need to do something big or grand to have impact but really it can be the small things that can go so far.   Moreover,  it has inspired me to find ways to be able to give back in our own little way!

Find a great opportunity in your community to make an impact!

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