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Cookbook Favorites- The Silver Palate

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I happen to be going through my cookbook library and came across one of my all time favorites, The Silver Palate Cookbook. I smiled because its been years since I bought this and after all this time, it still ranks up in to the top 10 in my collection.

The title describes it perfectly, if you are like me, I have a very refined palate and when flavors go so well together it’s like a symphony in your mouth. The flavors of these dishes do just that!

My First Discovery

I first discovered this cookbook back in 1996 at Ft. Hood, TX where we were stationed at the time. We had a great community of army wives that loved to cook. One of the lunch gatherings, we were served one delicious dish! She totally rocked it out in the kitchen making Pasta Sauce Raphael, served over tortellini. Oh my goodness, it was divine. I just had to get the recipe, and it was there I was introduced to The Silver Palate Cookbook.

Eclectic and awesome are two words that come to mind when describing this book. I love the artistry and the way the cookbook is set up. To me, it reminds me of my days in culinary school with some classic French techniques but overall a variety of unique recipes for all palates!

The authors are two women that collaborated together to open a restaurant in Manhattan that celebrates food and entertaining. Their recipes were tested and refined and I can see why. They are absolutely delicious. One of the authors hails from the Cordon Blue, famous cooking school, it shows.

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Tried and True

My copy of this cookbook is worn and has been used and abused. Its so much fun looking through all the recipes. The hard part was deciding which to try first. With that, I just dove straight in tried many recipes.

The cookbook is filled with recipes for appetizers including ideas for a Charcuterie (Shark-ah-too-ee), I know that is a hard one to pronounce….. Additionally, recipes for soups, pastas, salad, main courses, vegetables, breads, and sweets.

Ideally, these are not only recipes for a great family meal but perfect for entertaining.

Favorite Recipes

Let me share with you some of my favorites!

  • Lemon Chicken- Fantastic if you love lemon dishes
  • Chicken Marbella- Signature dish, absolutely to die for
  • Chicken Monterey
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Pasta Sauce Raphael -Flavor town!
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Zucchini Bread
  • Applesauce Raisin Cake – make this every year
  • Sour Cream Apple Pie- No words!

If you are looking for a great cookbook with recipes to impress your friends, family, and guest; this is the one I highly recommend!!! You will NOT be disappointed.

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