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Magnolia cookbook

Where it all started

Cookbook favorites shares with you some of my favorite cookbooks in baking and pastry and how they inspire me to have some fun in the kitchen.  Most likely, I would probably estimate that I have at least 100 cookbooks in baking and cooking where I read them quite often as they make terrific resources in your kitchen.  Not to mention, a great find for any cookbook library, including this one from the Magnolia Bakery.

With that,  I thought why not start a series of posts sharing with you some of my favorite cookbooks in my repertoire and why I have come to love them!

More from Magnolia Cookbook

Deciding on which one to start with was pretty easy as it was one of my first purchases  in starting my collection.  Looking back, I believe this book helped get the ball rolling in the inspiration department of baking for me.

Ironically, it was just months after visiting their bakery I entered culinary school and my journey into baking and pastry where I haven’t looked back!


A Great Beginning Baking Book

The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook is awesome and fun to read as well as, a great addition to any cookbook collection with recipes ranging from breakfast pastries, cupcakes, and cakes.  Their cupcakes are by far the most popular and the vanilla cupcake recipe and the icings are absolutely delicious.  There is a really nice section in the front with helpful hints for the home baker.

I remember baking my first batch of their cupcakes at home and how much fun they were to eat, did I mention, I made them with pink icing and maybe I ate one, or was it two???

Where To Find the Bakery

The Magnolia Bakery, this well-known gem is located in Greenwich Village in NYC, which I believe got the national cupcake excitement started.  I visited the bakery back in 2005 and got to sample their amazing cupcakes.  As you walk up to the bakery you can see the delicious cupcakes presented in their front window in a variety of pastel icing’s.  This display totally lures you in behind the crowds that always are waiting to get into the door and beyond.

Finally, we made our way and selected a variety of flavors which of course had to be a vanilla and chocolate variations.  I”m happy to report were all moist and delicious in all regards.  I distinctly remember licking my fingers and getting every crumb into my mouth to savor.

Noted at the end of our visit, was a special treat was getting to watch the bakers in action decorating cupcakes with their famous signature icing swirl, which can now be found on YouTube where you can see it in action for yourself.

A great cookbook for any collection!!!

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