cookie affgato in shot glasses

Perfect for using Christmas cookies

Cookie Affogatos-Holiday Cookies

Holiday cookie affgatos in different flavors placed in small glasses

Great Way to Use Leftovers

Cookie Affogatos is a PERFECT way to use those leftover Christmas cookies, or any cookie. One of the things I love to do is bake Christmas cookies. Typically, I enjoy it so much that I end up making so many that I have multitudes leftovers after the Christmas season is over, even after giving so many of them away!!! So a new dessert was created, Italian style.

What are Affogatos?

Cookie Affogatos is such a delicious and simple dessert that is served in a cup or small glass with gelato or vanilla ice cream drowned in espresso. I mean just thinking about those two things sounds so good doesn’t it?

Remember making coke floats? Vanilla ice cream drowned in a delicious ice cold Coca-Cola? Affogatos are the same but replacing the coke with espresso.

What works so incredible is using Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream. Any vanilla ice cream will work, especially a homemade version. There is just something about Haagen Daz that takes this simple dessert recipe over the top. The rich and creaminess of the ice cream sets it apart!

My First Introduction

I remember when I was first introduced to this incredible dessert. We were having dinner at a DC restaurant, Bibiana. Great Italian fare serving terrific food that ended with a show-stopping dessert. I remember the dessert menu being passed around and one of the desserts listed was “Affagato al Caffe.” It seemed so simple so I decided on another dessert but it was my husband who ordered it. Of course I asked for a taste which he humbly obliged me, always thoughtful and considerate since he knows I have such a big sweet tooth.

Stunned was the word that came to mind in how delicious this was. The vanilla gelato was so creamy and delicious and the espresso was rich and bold.

The two went together so well and who would think two simple ingredients could pair so well, much like salt and pepper, pancakes and syrup, and cereal and milk. I was hooked from that evening forward.

Where to Find Them?

Have you noticed that affgatos are starting to pop up at most coffee shops and dessert cafes? Last spring I took a girlfriends trip to Amelia Island, FL and one of the cupcakes shops served affgatos. My dear friend had never tried this before, but I knew she LOVED coffee. Of course we splurged and ordered two for that chilly spring day. The love affair began for her as she was introduced to this wonderful combination.

My First Creation

My first attempt at making these came in the form of a recipe in a food magazine I subscribed with, years back. This particular flavor was a tiramisu version. Ladyfinger cookies and whipped cream were partnered with the ice cream and espresso. I loved the texture of the cookies and the cream just sealed it all.

Secret Ingredients

The Secret to this simple but amazing dessert

  • Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream or Gelato ( I love the homestyle/home churned versions, Haagen Daz)
  • Good quality Espresso

Cookie Affogatos?? Giving It a Tryout

Collection of cookie Affgatos served in small glasses

As we celebrate the New Year, I know many of us have those resolutions of eating better and healthier which is a great goal to have. I’m all in! Cutting down on portion size is a great change to implement and mini affgatos is a way to do so and enjoy something sweet in smaller portions. Everything in moderation I tell myself, right?

Let Creativity Reign

Gather Some Garnishes

  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Toasted Coconut
  • Chocolate and Caramel Sauces
  • Crushed Pecans
  • Whipped Cream
  • Sprinkles

Glasses, Ice Cream, & Espresso

  • Grab some cute small glasses that work perfect for this, I even love the shot glasses which work great for a super small sweet reward.
  • Brew up some espresso or you can even use instant version or mix hot water with espresso powder.
  • Fill them with vanilla ice cream and “drown” them in warmed brewed espresso. How much espresso do you add? As much as you like but I usually add enough to almost cover the ice cream.
  • Top with your favorite cookie and garnish with the whipped cream and toppings for a fun and delicious sweet treat.

In these Cookie Affagatos, I love how the cookie gets soft in the ice cream and espresso and just taste so amazing.

Holiday cookie affgatos
Christmas Cookie Affogatos


Pecan Cookie Affogatos with Toasted Coconut and Pecans

ecanPecan Cookie Coconut Affgato
Pecan Pie Affagato

This uses one of my favorite cookies as it taste just like a mini pecan pie with a gooey center. I added whipped cream and a sprinkle of coconut and pecans. YUM!

Double Chocolate Cookie Affogatos with Chocolate Sauce and Mini Chocolate Chips

Double Chocolate Affgato
Chocolate Coffee Lovers Dream

This uses a family favorite of a brownie-like cookie. Your chocolate lover will love this one!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Kiss Cookie Affogato

Peanut Butter Chocolate Affgato in a glass
Peanut Butter Kiss Affagato

This cookie is one of my husbands all time faves! It really needs nothing further but maybe a chocolate drizzle which is totally optional.

Raspberry Linzer Cookie Affogato Mini Style

Raspberry Linzer Cookie Affgato in a shot glass
Linzer Affagato

This is one of my favorites. I love using the shot glass as it showcases the cookie perfectly and the cookie gives it an added decorative appeal.

Spritz Cookie Affogato Shooter

Spritz Cookie with ice cream and espresso

Spritz cookies are one of those cookies that are small for bite size, and I have to admit that I eat so many of them during the holidays. I love coloring the dough red and green. They work perfectly for these mini-Cookie Affogatos.

cookies and espresso in shot glasses
Perfect for a simple dessert

More Christmas Cookie Ideas:

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Hope you try any version of this delicious, simple, and easy dessert. Use any of your favorite cookies and make this a year round addition to your dessert table!

It’s a home run for both the cookie and coffee lover!

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