Shortbread with crushed Oreo cookies and a vanilla drizzle

Cookies and Cream Shortbread-Two Cookies in One

Shortbread with crushed Oreo cookies and vanilla drizzle

Two Cookies In One!

Cookies and Cream Shortbread combine two of my favorite cookies wrapped into one; shortbread and the Oreo.

I’m such a fan of shortbread but I wanted to give it a different twist and a unique face lift.  By no means, does shortbread need anything, its super delicious on its own.  However, I wanted to combine this amazing cookie with another equally amazing cookie, the Oreo.  Did I happen to mention is my all time favorite cookie ever????

There is just something about a buttery and chocolate cookie hitting your mouth and the utter bliss you feel sending your sweet palate into another realm, as this cookie simply melts in your mouth.  I like using a square cutter on these cookies to give them a unique presentation but using a round cutter works equally as well.

Vanilla candy melts are melted and drizzled on top to give that Oreo cream look, then a sprinkle of cookie crumbs just seals the deal.  Of course, this definitely requires a tall glass of ice-cold milk to go along for the perfect cookie experience.


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