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Cookies for a Crowd- Teaming Up With Bakers

Each year in the fall, I help organize a cookie baking project where cookie lovers and bakers come together to bake over 800 cookies! Cookies for a crowd, no doubt, and the best part is seeing all the different flavors varieties that are baked by some amazing bakers.

Cookie Boxes

Yearly for our church’s Mens Retreat, we provide cookie boxes for each of the men to enjoy while away for the weekend. Many wonderful women who love to bake volunteer to make their favorite cookie recipes.

Variety is at play here where traditional cookies like Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, and Peanut Butter are definitely part of the collection. But also, Decorator Cut-Outs, Chocolate, Rice Krispy Treats, gluten free versions, Blondie’s, and Blueberry Muffin cookies. Even a unique treat called “Manna” is created.

Also, I bake a few extra dozens to bring to my daughter at college who has 14 roommates! Definitely, cookies for a crowd in a two for one fall fusion.

Baking My Favorites

Every year I love making some new creations to donate, this year I also went back to some of my favorite recipes to bake for the special occasion.

Typically, I like to get started a few weeks before and use my trusted friend the freezer to help me out.

Making the Freezer Your Friend

As mentioned previously, the freezer is truly my friend. I bake off the cookies, cool them completely, then place them in these disposable containers layered with parchment paper. Into the freezer they go until ready for the big day.

Let me share with you some of old and new favorites that provide some awesome smells as my bakery kitchen heats up.

Dancing Dozens

I had a hard time deciding which cookies to make since I have so many favorites. But here are a few I came up with….

Raspberry Jamprints

Raspberry and Grape Thumbprints

First up, are some of my favorite cookies. My mom use to make thumbprints growing up and they are still one my favorite cookies, especially during the holidays. I like to add some leftover crumb topping and throw on a vanilla drizzle to jazz these up a bit. Raspberry jam is my go-to filling.

Cinnamon Roll

cinnamon roll cookies

Second, I recently tried this recipe and loved the way they turned out and taste. No doubt how much I love cinnamon rolls, and these are a great replica in cookie fashion. Not to mention, they are the perfect size for snacking.

Fall Leaves

fall leaf cookies

Color, is what this cookie brings to the table. As it is October, these coordinate perfectly with the season and bring a brightness to the cookie collection.

Chocolate Drops

chocolate drops

Chocolate, got to have a chocolate cookie in the bunch (in my personal opinion). This was a new recipe I tried that is loaded with salted caramel chips and baked just before done so the center is nice and chewy and soft. Yum!

Iced Oatmeal

iced oatmeal cookies

Beloved oatmeal cookies. They are just a classic and perfect for the fall with their spiced touch of flavor. I love this cookie so much and the icing on top just completes it. I could literally eat 5-6 right now.

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin cookies

New kid on the block, I recently tried this recipe and totally fell in love with it. This find was compliments from a recent issue of “baked from scratch” magazine. It is a perfect combination of a cookie and a muffin. Absolutely delicious! Everyone I have baked these for totally loves them!! I use fresh blueberries in these guys.

Cookie Heaven

As mentioned earlier, my daughter gets a delivery of love in the form of cookies. Not only was she happy as a clam with all her goodies in tow, the cookie boxes were a big hit with the Men!!! Yeah!

Hat Tip to Some Amazing Bakers

Most importantly, it was certainly a pleasure working and teaming up with so many wonderful and talented bakers, tons of fun. And…a hat tip to them all for bringing their gifts and talents to the table for a special occasion! Truly, they are amazing, generous women!

Cookies for a Crowd

The cookies that were baked were a plethora of variety. Flavors included were Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip (of course), Blondies, Molasses, Thumbprints, Gluten Free varieties, Mana, White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal, Snickerdoodle, and Rice Krispies! They were all awesome!

The best part…..smelling the incredible aroma of the cookies when packaging them. Wow, my mouth was watering the whole time.

Another successful year down and another opportunity next year working with these talented bakers!

Sweet Blessings!

What are your favorite cookies to bake?

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