PInk and Red Rose Hybrid cupcakes

Rose Hybrid Cupcakes

Hybrid Rose pink and red cupcakes

Roses are a girl’s best friend, especially on Valentine’s Day. Who can deny it, they are beautiful flowers that come in an array of colors. Pink are my favorite, but red is a close second. To celebrate a beautiful flower and the colors of Valentines Day, I was inspired to make these fun Rose Hybrid Cupcakes to celebrate the season.

So why not have roses and rose cupcakes! A perfect combination for celebrating Valentine’s Day this season!

Trifecta Colored Batter

Start with Vanilla Batter

Here I use a traditional vanilla, white, or yellow cupcake batter, any batter will work here. Start with your favorite recipe.

Color the Batter

I divided the dough equally into three bowls and color it two shades of pink and one red. Sticking to the traditional color scheme here for valentines of course.

Filling the Piping Bags

I place each color in a piping bag, standing them up in a glass which helps keep things less messy.

Piping the Batter into the Cupcake Liners

Next, I snip off each end of the piping bag to pipe the colors into each muffin cup. Start with whatever color you wish and pipe just enough to cover the bottom. Following that with the two other colors till about 3/4 of batter is placed in each cupcake liner.

You can leave it alone, or take a toothpick and swirl the three colors in a design before baking them off. Bake and cool them completely.

Preparing the Buttercream-Tip 1M

Color the Buttercream

Firstly, I take my favorite buttercream and color it red and light pink. Grab a piping bag and place the tip 1M inside the bag.

Preparing the Piping Bag

Second, you want to pipe lines of red icing in 4 columns inside the piping bag. You can use a small icing spatula to to apply the icing inside the bag. Just grab some icing on your spatula and “paint” the lines inside the bag making sure you have a good amount of icing in there.

two icing colors in a piping bag

This is going to create the hybrid look of the roses.

Next, I fill the piping bag with pink icing and then I’m ready to go!

Decorating-Piping the Roses

Take your cooled cupcakes and put your Picasso hat on! You will want your tip directly on top and just above the cupcake, making sure not to hold it at an angle.

Starting from the center of the cupcake, start to pipe your swirl from the inside to the outside, finishing on the outside. Making sure to cover the entire cupcake.

There you have it, a perfectly gorgeous rose cupcake. The red color will be seen on the outside of your roses for that authentic hybrid look.

Check out my post on the pink and red cupcakes pictured above.

Oh and check out the cool inside:

tie dye valentine cupcakes

Try experimenting with the same technique using different colors to come up with your own signature roses! Purple and pink would make a really unique pattern and another beautiful option for Rose Hybrid Cupcakes.

Now that is one rose I don’t mind eating!

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