Trio of dessert trio with summer fruits

Dessert Berry Trio- Summers Best Fruits

Trio of desserts with fruit plate with sauces

 Summer Trifecta

Dessert trio’s, like this Dessert Berry Trio, are some of my favorite ways to showcase the fruits of the summer.  I love serving these types of desserts at dinner parties because honestly, I have such a hard time deciding on a single dessert to serve!   Crazy enough, I tend to get so many ideas floating around in my mind in what to make that I just decide to make three mini versions of a dessert.  Furthermore, I love seeing my guests faces when I bring the dessert to the table.  Visa claims the line “priceless” but indeed their reaction is truly that.

Fruit Trio Inspiration

This dessert trio focuses on the great fruits in season this summer using blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, peaches and blueberries.  They say there is always a story to tell and this dessert has a fun story.  When I was in culinary school we had to come up with an idea for a platted dessert for my final exam in “Plated Dessert” class.  Ta-dah, I’m sharing with you my secret of sailing through the final exam with flying colors.  It was a fun challenge!  Anyway, I still love making this during the summer as it brings back some fun memories, always trying to put a different spin on it.

The Fruit Components 

Summer Fruit Basket: Fruit Salsa

This cute basket of goodness is made with layers of filo dough placed in muffin cups and baked till brown.  Once cooled, they are removed and filled with a fruit salsa.  The salsa consist of peaches, kiwi, blueberries, and strawberries mixed together with a little orange zest.

Blackberry Mousse:

This mousse is mixed together and placed in oval molds or you can use a silicon type mold.   These are then placed in the freezer to firm up then removed and placed in the refrigerator to thaw.  Its decorated with a fresh blackberry and a tuile butterfly cookie.  You can also pipe the mousse in small shooter glasses for another presentation idea.

Deconstructed Raspberry Tart:  

The base of this part of the dessert is made with a sweet crust called pate sucree, here is a recipe from an earlier post.  They are rolled out and cut into 3″ rounds.  This will serve as the foundation of this mini dessert.  It is layered with chantilly cream and fresh raspberries on each cookie layer, then topped with another cookie to form the next layer.  The top is sprinkled with powdered sugar and fresh raspberries and garnished with a simple sugar decoration.  The plate is then decorated with a strawberry couli sauce to accent the fruit flavors.

Create something fun and exciting this summer with the fresh fruits of the season!

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