Double Chocolate Smores

Smores in a plate

Double Chocolate Smores just make you smile! Maybe those memories of being a kid, circled around a campfire, or even now at restaurants and coffee shops where they are brought to your table for an indoor experience.

Chocolate and Marshmallow

The thought of melted chocolate with that fluffy marshmallow topping roasted to perfection just makes everything in the world pretty good, doesn’t it?  How do you like your marshmallows? I like mine almost black and super crispy!

Smores Mission

So, I was on a mission to create my own version.  However, instead of the traditional graham cracker bottom, I opted for a double chocolate version for an irresistible double punch. 

Replacing it with a super buttery chocolate cookie for something different and by the way, gets me a few brownie points with my husband who loves chocolate!  

The chocolate really gives it such an added richness without it being to sweet and works so deliciously well with the smooth and creamy chocolate center.

These Double Chocolate Smores are a real winner and the torched marshmallow topping just completes this serious chocolate delight.  Any chocolate lover would fall backwards and sideways after a bite of this! However, I’m not sure what to call them, cookie or brownie? Or maybe something completely different!

Check out my other page here with more delicious smores ideas.


The Double Chocolate Components

Chocolate Cookie Base:

I started with the chocolate cookie recipe; you can use any chocolate sugar cookie cutout dough recipe for this.  I rolled out the dough and used a square cutter to cut out the bases, then baked them off.

Chocolate butter cookie dough being cut out


Chocolate Ganache Filling:

I make the chocolate ganache mixture and pour it into a small baking dish with sides lined with saran wrap.  Then I refrigerate it till firm.  Afterwards, I remove it lifting up the saran wrap and it comes out super easy.  I use the same square cutter to cut out individual squares that will be placed on the cookie bases. Making sure to cut them when they are still cold because the warmth of your hands will start to soften the ganache.

pan lined with saran wrap
Lined a baking dish with saran wrap
baking dish with chocolate ganache
Chocolate Ganache poured into the lined baking dish


Chocolate Ganache Squares cut outs


Marshmallow Topping:

This is a simple recipe that consist of gelatin, water, and sugar cooked then placed in mixer to make a fluffy icing.  You can substitute mini marshmallows or those new awesome flat rectangle ones that are now on store shelves.  They are perfect!

Marshmallow frosting being cooked
Boiling the sugar and water till 238 degrees
Marshmallow Frosting whipped
The boiled sugar is placed in the mixer with the gelatin and whipped till fluffy


Then the fun begins by placing all these together for your incredible smore experience.  The best part beside eating them, is of course torching the marshmallow topping.   A kitchen torch works the best.

Chocolate Butter Cookie Square Cookies
Chocolate Butter Cookie Bases
chocolate ganache on top of a chocolate butter cookie
Chocolate Ganache Squares
Smore Assembly
Marshmallow Frosting piped on to the ganache

A great treat to celebrate the cool fall season.

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