chocolate cupcakes decorated with a swirl of autumn colors

Fall Cupcakes-Autumn’s Great Colors

Fall Colors and Cupcakes

I love the colors of the fall season.  Vibrant red, yellow. orange, and brown.  Bring backs memories of this amazing maple tree we had in our yard growing up.  As fall approached it would display the most vibrant yellow leaves I have ever seen.   It was truly beautiful in the fall, even in the south.  Ironically, I have a gorgeous orange maple tree presently in my home now.

However, I have to admit, it sure is a hard season transition for me. I really enjoy the hot summers.  But, once I get across finish line and season change…. I’m all in, especially fall baking.

Fall baking is some of the best baking all year in my humble opinion.  There is so much you can do with the awesome flavors and colors of fall.  Of course as a chocolate lover, I love adapting some kind of chocolate into the season.  These cupcakes are a perfect way to do so.  You can use any flavor you like.  A spice cake would really bring in the season perfectly.

Here is a fun play on cupcakes.

For the cupcakes I baked my favorite chocolate recipe.  I gave it a think coat of vanilla icing on top of every cupcake first. 

For the icing, I took my traditional vanilla buttercream and separated them into four bowls.  I then colored the icing in each bowl with gel colors in yellow, brown, green, and orange.  I placed a russian piping tip in a piping bag, really doesn’t matter which one.  Play around with the different fun tips. 

In the piping bag, I put a little of each color (except green) into the piping bag.  Gently mashed up the bag to mix ever so slightly to kind of get a tie dye look, then piped away.  I love the sort of psychedelic look the icing gives on the cupcakes.

cupcakes decorated with autumn colors

I used a leaf tip for the green for some accent to really bring that harvest look together.  It reminds me being at an orchard or fall festival.  Very rustic and unique I like to think.

chocolate cupcakes decorated with a swirl of autumn colors

Create something awesome to celebrate Autumn!!!

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