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Fall Dessert- Favorites For The Season

collage of fall desserts

Fall is finally here and it seems it has come rather early, especially here down in the south. One of my favorites things I look forward to is fall baking and fall desserts. Here I put together some of my fall dessert favorites.

Color is one of the things I love about fall and the great foods and dessert components in which to work with. Sweet potatoes, apples, pumpkin, spice; make everything nice!

Come let me share some of my favorite fall baking recipes and ideas.

Fall Favorites

Decorated Fall Cookies-Orange and Red

First up, decorated sugar cookie cutouts with signature fall colors. These are a delicious and easy buttery sugar cookie decorated with colored royal icing. Check out the post here.

The icing gets piped two ways:

  • Starting from the outside in, changing colors as you move inward.
  • Splattered for a marble look

Harvest Cookies-Pumpkins

pumpkin cookie cutouts decorated in orange, brown, and yellow

Here, another fun idea for sugar cookies in the form of pumpkins. Each gets a different and fun look. Check out my sugary pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin Roll-Fun Fall Dessert

This fun and colorful Pumpkin Roll is laced with a fun design using cookie cutters for the template. The design gets piped on parchment first before the batter is poured on top and bakes up for an exciting look.

Check out the link to see how its made! Makes for a great fall dessert!

Apple Dumplings

One of my favorite fall desserts and especially for a dinner party are these fun and delicious Apple Dumplings!!! They are so delicious and make for a sensational fall dessert.

Apples are cored and peeled and filled with spices and sugar. Also, you can use homemade pie crust or store bought to wrap the apple. Check it out here.

Fall Harvest Brownies

Fall Harvest Brownies on a plate

Brownies get a fall facelift with a flash of orange color throughout. This is a super easy and fun way to bring brownies into fall.

The orange color is made from a small batter of a blondie recipe. Check out the “how-to” here.

Spiced Apple Cake

Fall Spice Cakes on a platter
Quick Bread

Fall craves a special cake and this spiced version is made from applesauce. Perfect for any cake lover. These are made in individual mini loaves and decorated with a simple vanilla buttercream.

Love the spices in this cake and they are not too strong but a perfect mild and spiced flavor. Click here for the recipe.

Spiced Whoopie Pie-Perfect for Fall

spice whoopie pie stacked

A delicious spiced whoopie pie that keeps the fall flavors going.

Festive Fall Dessert Cupcakes

fall cupcakes decorated with a swirl of autumn colors

Cupcakes loaded with autumn flare. Yellow and browns contrast for a vibrant representation of fall.

Russian tips are used for the signature look and fall sprinkles round out the zing needed to bring it all together.

Getting the color contrast is easy by placing both color of icings in the piping bag. First, place one color on one side of the bag, then place the other color on the other side of the bag. When piped out, you get a little of both colors at once!

So fun to make but even better to eat! Use your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe here! Experiment, have some fun and come up with your own design.

Apple Cake

Baked Apple Cake in a bundt pan

Lastly, I end with one of my all time favorites: Apple Cake. Absolutely delicious and lightly spiced.

The batter is loaded with apples and is a perfectly balanced cake that will have you craving more than one slice!

Here, I use granny smith apples that hold up super well in the baking process.

A great way to end this fall dessert favorites!

Happy Fall and hope the season inspires you to bake something special this season!

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