franklin farmers market sign

Farmers Market-Franklin, TN

franklin farmers market sign

Happy Summer! Hope you are enjoying all the great food finds out there and has inspired you to make something wonderful. Excitingly, I wanted to share another great Farmers Market find in Franklin, TN. Loaded with fresh produce, good eats, vinegars, honey, and jams to make your decision of what to buy both difficult and exciting.

As summer has officially kicked off, so has my journey seeking the best Farmers Markets in my area. So far, I have loved so much all fantastic produce and being able to cook up farm to table meals for me and my husband. Speaking for both of us, I think our tummies are mighty happy!

Farmers Market Journey Begins

First, my journey led me to of a more local market here in my area. Starting off with great strawberries that satisfied my fried pie craving. Read here for story and recipe. Next, my desire was for something both sweet and savory, zucchini and peaches from one of my favorite Saturday trips. I was inspired to make a collection of my favorite recipes with both of those, check it out here.

Franklin Find

Recently, I took a trip to Franklin, TN to the very popular, Franklin Farmers Market. Located just outside Nashville, and locals absolutely love it. Something for everyone her, even a doughnut truck and ice cream to greet you as you enter. You can smell the doughnuts from afar and boy did they smell amazing!

Wonderful to bring out the whole family, I might add and a great place to try one of their food booths. Literally, there is something for everyone!

The market is loaded with those who love all things fresh. Venture under the pavilion and you will find an array of fresh produce, herbs, eggs, and crafts that will knock your socks off. Wow, they even had crowder peas, some of my favorites growing up!!! Local Farmers from all over come to share wonderful fruits of their labor and you can’t beat the perfectly ripe and fresh finds.

Table after table makes your decision difficult because they all offer something plentiful. How can you decide!! Additionally, they even have a vendor who sells Cajun pretzels and homemade cobblers! I will definitely need to check that out!

Vinegar and Honey

Farmers Market Purchase

honey and vinegar purchased at a farmers market

One of the exciting treats we embarked upon were the vinegar and honey stands. There is nothing like honey straight from the beekeepers farm; raw and unfiltered, and soon, in your tummy! My husband loves Wildflower Honey and this comes from Johnson Honey Farm in Goodlettsville, TN. Can’t wait to enjoy this delicious and beautiful golden goodness. Truly I know, will be perfect in so many things, including my favorite Challah bread!

Wild Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar, perhaps one of the best vinegars I have ever tasted. Indeed, it sets itself apart from anything you can buy in the store. Fruity and mild, its down right delicious! Galena Garlic Company is the success behind this nugget of goodness. Additionally, they have a great online store where not only can you purchase vinegars, but also seasonings and soup mixes.

More so, the blueberry balsamic is so fantastic, you can place directly on your salad, no oil is needed. Smooth as silk and doesn’t have that characteristic acidic taste vinegars are known for. Absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to try more flavors.

Coffee Find

Of course I can’t go without leaving a shout out to a very cool coffee shop we found to end our fun filled day in Franklin. McGavock’s Coffee Bar and Provisions is a quaint shop located within the Harpeth Downton Franklin hotel, part of the Hilton family.

European is their brand and their iced lattes were exceptional after walking a hot, July day. You are warmly greeted and its a comforting and delightful place to take a load off after lots of walking in beautiful Franklin. Of course my eyes ventured to their dessert case where fun and unique desserts individually made greet you. Also, they have a great light menu including some delicious blueberry pancakes. Next time, I love to try those!!

If you are ever in Tennessee, definitely check out Franklin. Truly, a wonderful town that offers so much!

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