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I love seeing unique titles for cookbooks and this one totally caught my eye to where I wanted to find out more about. Baked Explorations is one of those titles and one that every baker will come to love as much as I do.  This cookbook has made it into the category of “My Favorite Cookbooks.”

The recipes in this book are sophisticated classics that have undergone a bit of a reinvention that are simply delicious and wonderful. Recipes range from breakfast, tarts and pies, cookies and bars, and other pastry classics. The authors are owners of bakeries located both in New York and Charleston.

Baked Explorations is designed in a rather vintage style and the recipes are easy to follow. Their descriptions are both fun to read and give a personal story to each recipe. Photos, are equally as terrific and just leave your mouth watering in expectation wishing they would jump right off the page onto your plate where you could devour immediately.

Ironically, the olive oil cake in this book was my first experience in making this incredible cake. Wow, I thought to myself, where has this been all my life??? Who would of thought olive oil could make such an awesome cake! It truly does and sure made me a believer and I’m glad I tried it!

Some Favorites

waffles on a plate with syrup

Mom’s Olive Oil Orange Bundt-Deliciously outrageous

Malted Waffles-Oh so good and crispy, I might never eat any other waffles now

Peaches and Dream Pie– Takes me back to my southern roots

Cowboy Cookies-Melt in your mouth goodness

Malted Milk Sandwich Cookies-Addictively awesome, I used my own marshmallow buttercream as filling

Chocolate Whoopie Pies– Oh so divine

Devil’s Food Cake-Heaven in your mouth

chocolate cake picture

I’m looking forward to trying other recipes but every recipe I have tried has been so delicious. Looking forward to trying the Almond Joy Tart next.

A book that will become a staple in my baking collection, maybe yours too!

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