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A Piece of Cake

There is just something about cakes that just make you smile.  Maybe its the decorations, frosting, or simply knowing there is this spongy goodness just waiting to be sliced into and devoured.  How they come in so many shapes and sizes, delicious flavor combinations, and endless decorative styles.

I’m still quite the traditionalist and love buttercream decorated cakes but it is also fun to play around with fondant, it does give it that smooth and professional finish almost like a canvas ready for your imagination!

Here are a few of some of my favorites that were really fun to create.

stacked tiered cake with red, yellow, and purpose fondant decorations

This was one of my first cakes I made professionally.  It was for a big 50th bash with over 100 people!

pink purse cake covered in fondant and decorated with flowers

This was the first cake I entered into a cake competition and the first “so-called” sculpted cake.  I’m not sure where I got the idea for the cake but it turned into something quite unusual.  Much to my surprise it won 2nd place in the sculpted category!  It was a pure thrill, surprise, and very exciting!!  I was inspired to keep creating cakes for years to come.

baseball hat cake decorated with fondant on a cake board

This was a fun cake I made for my son’s little league baseball all-star team.

ladybug cake stacked and tiered with red and green decorations

A favorite featuring ladybug herself.

bee and ladybug tiered cake stacked with daisy decorations and royal icing piping

 I like to call this one the bug and flower cake.

Fish cake decorated with pastel colors on a bed of brown sugar on a platter

This cake is in honor of “Rainbow Fish.”  It’s still one of my all time fun favorites!

whimsical teapot cake with pastel colors and many flower decorations for a fun whimsical look

Whimsical and colorful.

cake and cupcake fondant tiered cake with fun colors and a candle on top

In honor of two of my favorite treats, cake and cupcakes!

golden and brown  tiered stacked cake decorated with whimsical decorations

A fun wedding cake for the fall with harvest colors that make for a neat color combination.

blue willow cake tiered with beautiful whimsical design on a cake plate

A friends wedding cake, I love the colors they chose.

sunflower hat cake with yellow fondant and sunflower on a cake stand

Finally, in honor of Mother’s Day.  I love sunflowers!

Thanks for journeying down cake memory lane with me.  There are really endless ideas to what you can do with cake and a creative imagination!

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