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Flying Biscuit Breakfast Café-Atlanta Classic

restaurant mural

An icon in the ATL area is the Flying Biscuit Cafe. Yep, they get their name from their incredible biscuits that literally fly right off the plate into your mouth!

Atlanta Classic

Flying Biscuit in a great breakfast café has been serving biscuits over 20 years. Not only do they have locations around the ATL area and Georgia, but also have grown tremendously and now serving in FL, The Carolina’s, AL, and TX!


Seriously though, their light and fluffy buttermilk biscuits are simply amazing, making it exceptional breakfast cafe food. They are huge! Moreover, they melt right into your mouth. If that wasn’t enough to make your mouth water, they are served with their signature cranberry apple butter. Might be one of the best biscuits you will ever eat! Mmmmm, total heaven.

Additionally, each of their locations cranks out over 5,000 biscuits a week! No way!

Eclectic Décor and Murals

Upon entering the Flying Biscuit Toco Hills location near Midtown, ATL; you are greeted with a warm smile and wonderful hospitality.

chef mural

The inside is warm and bright with their painted murals on the walls with eclectic flare (the Chef’s are my favorite). You know you are where you are supposed to be! Comfort food is knocking on your door and it did NOT disappoint.

Oh the Biscuit….

I’m a bit of a classic when it comes to breakfast, and they serve breakfast all day which is my kind of place. Their menu is all encompassing with many choices. However, you MUST get a dish that comes with a biscuit, at least one or order more to take with you (which I did).

Classic Platter with Grits

full country breakfast

I opted for the bacon, egg, and grits platter with a biscuit, of course. Grits, I admit I’m a true southerner at heart. Truly love these as I have many memories growing up eating them at Saturday morning breakfast. Of course without saying, with butter and a just a sprinkle of sugar. My favorite way to eat them.

The Flying Biscuit Cafe grits are a walk down memory lane. Loaded with white cheddar cheese and absolutely delicious! Behind the biscuit, these are what they are famous for. Oh so creamy and delicious!

Some great dishes to check out that my husband and son ordered.

Chicken and Waffles

chicken and waffles

I allow the picture to say everything needed…. One of my husbands favorite dishes. However, he totally missed out on the biscuit. Maybe, that is why we ordered extra on our way out….

Breakfast Platter

country breakfast with potatoes

My son choose the classic breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and of course… a biscuit!

Simple but delicious food that will keep me going back many times!

Next time you are in the ATL area or in Missouri, Florida, Carolina’s, and Alabama; look them up and bring your appetite! Fly over there to enjoy some of the best biscuits of the south!

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