Petit Fours-Sweet Hearts Patisserie

Sweet Treats in Small Packages

Petit Fours are one of my favorite one bite dessert indulgences.  Layered cake with various fillings decorated with a smooth and satisfying icing is the perfect small bite of heaven!

These little gems were discovered during a very special birthday celebration in Annapolis, MD at Sweet Hearts Patisserie.  The small shop is full of beautiful french macarons, cupcakes, cakes, and petit fours.  Truly, it was such a hard decision to decide which flavors to choose because they all looked amazing and decorated so beautifully.  However, we walked away with a foursome of chocolate caramel, triple chocolate, tiramisu, and birthday cake, can you tell how much I love chocolate???

Wow, is the first word that came to me after savoring every crumb of these jewels.  They were all absolutely delicious.  The cake was so moist and all the fillings were fantastic and paired so well for a perfect flavor combination

It is to be noted, their designer boxes in which to carry your special treats home with are really fancy, so much so you will want to save them to remember your sweet journey.  Walking out the door you feel as if you have just left a culinary spa of sorts, knowing your sweet tooth will soon be pampered.

After devouring these we regretted we didn’t walk away with more, they were that good!  Thanks Sweet Heart for making my milestone birthday so memorable!!!  If you are ever in Annapolis, definitely plan a trip to this sweet shop, you won’t be disappointed!

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