inman park atlanta mural

Food Tour Atlanta-Inman Park

inman park atlanta mural

As an avid food lover and travel guru, food tours are such a fun way to do both of those all in one. The Inman Park food tour in Atlanta is a fantastic way to see a new revitalized area of the city and taste some good eats the south offers.

As a kid growing up in Atlanta, I remember taking the Marta downtown with my mom into the city for a summer job. We would always past Inman Park. That was over 25 years ago, boy has it changed.

Inman Park is now revitalized with a new modern sector filled with condos, apartments, and surrounded by some trendy and eclectic restaurants.

However, tradition still holds and you can also tour the streets in the older sector to see beautiful Victorian homes which the residents fought hard years ago to keep as they battled the city with transportation plans.

This trendy town sits a few miles from downtown Atlanta. You would never how close you truly are as the town has a great suburban flare and a offers a great sense of community.

Our tour guide Christy was fantastic. Come let me take you on our journey of this awesome town with amazing food just minutes from downtown Atlanta.

Beautiful Victorian Homes

Our tour first started with a journey through the older sector of Inman Park that was lined with beautiful Victorian homes. Recent owners have done most of the renovations on these homes where they are absolutely beautiful.

Artists Paradise

Art is one thing you notice when visiting Inman Park. The town has its own logo of an upside down butterfly. You can see this logo all around town and even homeowners own a flag of this signature icon.

Local artist are given opportunity to express their passion through murals and even these cute tiny doors that you will find around town. You must look carefully as they can be missed. They are imbedded within the brick outside walls around town.

Food Tour Stops

This popular food tour took us on 6 stops of culinary finds that were mixed with some classic and spins on traditional dishes.

Biscuits and Gravy

Our first stop took us to a rustic farm to table restaurant called the One Eared Stag, where served the most amazing peppered biscuit with gravy and accompanied by the most delicious piece of bacon I have ever eaten.

I wasn’t sure how I would like a biscuit loaded with black pepper but it was amazing and really worked. The pepper isn’t too strong and the biscuit is light and fluffy, almost like a cake. The gravy just brings it all together perfectly.

peppered biscuit with gravy
Amazing biscuit loaded with black pepper and gravy on top

I tried to eat just half to save my appetite for the remaining food tour goodies, but I just couldn’t. It was absolutely delicious! I would go back in a heartbeat to eat that again!

I love how the restaurant was rustic in appeal and the shelves were lined with great southern cookbooks written by great southern chefs.

Dry Rubbed Chicken Wings

Our next stop took us to a place called The Albert. Inman Park’s local sports bar. Here we enjoyed dry rub chicken wings that were cooked perfectly.

the Albert resturant door inman park

The wings were delicious served on their own but alongside were three dipping sauces of ranch, blue cheese, BBQ sauce, and even some boiled peanuts! Yep you heard that right.

These babies brought back tons of memories growing up eating these. I think they taste more delicious now that I’m older. One thing that was traditional back in the day was adding these to our coke. Sounds strange I know, but it was the sweet and salty combination that tasted so good.

Eclectic Popsicles

Our next stop was perfectly timed as it was a hot afternoon and something cold sounded pretty perfect when we stopped at King of Pops.

They had so many interesting popsicle flavors to choose from. I decided on peaches and cream and it was delicious. It reminds me so much of a creamsicle but lighter and fresh. I tasted the peaches right away and it was perfect for a hot-lanta day.

Healthy Salad

Next in line was a neat neighborhood gem called the Neighborhood Café Parish. It sits right on the Atlanta Beltline so its perfect for a neighborhood stomping ground.

Their menu is full of healthy options for breakfast and lunch. We sampled the perfect take on a classic Waldorf Salad. This salad contained the traditional components of apples, raisings, and walnuts. However, it was revamped with a thin slice of celeriac, blue cheese, and bathed lightly in a dill buttermilk vinaigrette. Simply delicious!

waldorf salad

I really like the new spin they place on this classic salad! It was a real winner!

Local Market-Collections of Food Finds

The last stop on the tour took us to a very popular foodie hall loaded with a collection of good eats, better known as the Krog Street Market.

krog city market sign

Once walking in you are greeted with crowds of people standing and sitting enjoying some great food finds. You know you hit the jackpot here! I couldn’t wait to see what we were to taste first.

Szechuan Dumplings

First up, Szechuan dumplings at Gu’s Bistro. When first greeted with these beauties, I knew they were going to be awesome. You know what they say, you always eat with your eyes first. So true!

They were perfectly flavored and topped with a spicy chili sauce. The dumplings were loaded with a delicious and light pork filling surrounded by a homemade dumpling. Absolutely stunning! I would go back there for another round in a heartbeat!

These were voted the best dumplings in ATL by Food Network Magazine. If you are ever in the area, definitely check these out.


Last but definitely not least, our last tasting was from the Little Tart Bake Shop. Of course upon walking in, I definitely spotted this place instantly being a pastry chef. I went to scope out all the delicious choices in the window and had my eye on the Blueberry Upside Down cake.

However, we were presented with an Apple Cheddar Turnover which was massive! You could immediately see the cheddar baked into the top of the crust. Oh goodness, couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this.

apple dumplings on a platter
To die for apple turnover!

Wow, it was absolutely delicious. The pastry was excellent, perfectly flaky and baked perfectly. You could taste the cheddar immediately and it went so well with the apple filling which was super light and not too sweet.

I told myself I would eat just half, it was so good that I ate the whole thing. Making myself feel better by justifying it by all the walking we did on the tour. It was definitely worth every bite and step!

This pastry was so memorable that the next day we stopped and grabbed two more for the trip back home. No wonder the pastry chef has been nominated for a James Beard Award! Spectacular!

If you are ever in Atlanta, definitely check out this great food tour or Inman Park on your own. I know you will enjoy it as much as we did! It’s one of the top food tours in Atlanta!!!

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