French Toast triangles on a plate with fresh berries

French Toast- Chocolate Ganache with Berries

For the Chocolate Lover

As the fall season approaches, there is nothing like french toast for breakfast on a cool brisk morning with a hot cup of coffee.  One of my new favorite recipes is one filled with chocolate ganache.  Yes you read that right, when this is fried up the chocolate just oozes out and paired with the buttery brioche bread.

Almost makes you feel as if you are dining in your own Bed and Breakfast!  I promise you will love is at much as I do and will be craving another piece! The chocolate lover in your family will be in heaven.

The Best French Toast Bread

The best French toast I believe is made with challah or brioche bread.  Both of these delicious breads stand up to the egg mixture really well which are rich and satisfying and just take French toast up a level.  My mom likes to use Texas toast and that works well too.  Need a challah bread recipe, check out the recipe here.

Here I use brioche bread and a touch of cream or half and half to the batter to make it super rich and creamy. This is your traditional French bread batter of milk and eggs.  You can also just use egg yolks with milk, cream or half and half to really throw up the richness!  Also, I always like to add just a splash of vanilla to the batter as well, it just gives it a really great taste and enhances the richness of the bread.

You could also add orange juice or a tiny bit of orange extract if you like that chocolate orange flavor combination.


Chocolate Ganache

6 oz cream
4 oz chocolate chips

Put the chocolate chips into a bowl.  Heat the cream about one minute in the microwave till super hot but not bubbly.  Pour over the chocolate and allow to sit one minute.  Stir with a whisk to combine evenly.  Allow to cool, cover and place in the refrigerator a few hours or overnight.

Making the French Toast Sandwich

Grab two piece of brioche.  Spread the chocolate ganache over one slice of bread like this.  Than sandwich them together by placing the top piece over the ganache.  Now you are ready to pan fry in your milk and egg mixture.

Two pieces of brioche with chocolate ganache

Not Just For Breakfast

Not only is french toast wonderful for breakfast, but equally awesome for “breakfast for dinner” as well.  I remember eating breakfast for dinner growing up complete with the full monty of eggs, grits, and bacon.  To me it’s just great comfort food that reminds me of home and super satisfying.

Chocolate French Toast with fresh berries

Slice this in diagonals and serve this special dish with fresh fruit and bacon and you have one super yummy meal for breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

Chocolate Ganache French Toast

You can play around with some plating ideas, like standing up the french toast on their bases for a fun presentation like this.

I’m a big fan of breakfast for dinner and french toast is usually the dish I put on the menu for that night.

Chocolate Ganache French Toast with syrup and fresh berries

Of course a nice pool of maple syrup completes this awesome french toast.

Who needs to go out to  for breakfast when you can make this dish that can easily give any restaurant a run for their money.


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