Great Gadgets

Here are some of my favorite great gadgets from the kitchen.  I’m always on the lookout for a neat tool to use and have fun with, and anything to make things easier in the kitchen, I’m game!   Ever since I can remember I could never walk by a kitchen store ( aka.. Bed Bath Beyond, Williams and Sonoma, and Sur La Table) without going inside to find out what’s new and cool.  It seems I always leave with something in tow.

Citrus Gadget

Citrus Squeezer and Juicer

citrus squeezer and strawberry huller gadgets
Two great gadgets for helping with fruit

The citrus squeezer is outstanding in how much juice is extracted from the fruit, literally gets every drop or close to it.  I use it with lemons and limes and its one of the best gadgets I have come across and it makes getting that fresh juice a piece of cake.

Strawberry Huller

I have used variations of this tool but this one really performs close to amazing in my book! You are able to get the leafy stem in its entirety and left with more strawberry to enjoy.

cookie stamp gadgets

I recently came across these gems and used them in making sugar cookies and homemade Oreo’s!!  They worked really well.  If you want to give you cut out cookies just a little something extra without any of the decorating fuzz, these are for you.  You can use a sugar cookie or chocolate sugar cookie dough.  Allow the dough to be warmed just a bit before stamping out your cookies.   A little trick I discovered is after stamping out the designs, follow-up with a circle cutter to actual cut the cookie from the dough.  Or you could cut the dough with the circle cutter, then stamp it.

cookie scoops of all sizes
Cookie scoops in all sizes

These are some of the most used tools in my kitchen and great gadgets list, coming in a variety of sizes for various uses to include muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and mini pies.  I don’t know what I would do without them, and I even have several of each size to help keep me efficient when I’m working.



collection of kitchen whisk that make great gadets
Whisks in all sizes

Must Have Gadget

Whisks of Course! One of the most useful tools for the baker is the whisk.  I started out with two great whisks that were standard size. However, I then discovered over time I needed a variety of sizes for different tasks where one standard size would sometimes be too large for the task at hand.  Additionally, its great having a few extra on hand so not having to wash one you just previously used.


Baking Must Have’s

various baking tools
Round and Square cutters serve multipurpose rolls, and definitely rolling pin is mandatory!

Multifunctional Gadgets

These are some of my most used tools on my baking table!  The different shapes and sizes of cutters are great for making cut out cookies and mini pie crusts for mini or individual tarts.  The bench and bowl scraper are something no kitchen should be without, in my humble opinion… It is great for scaling dough and works equally wonderful in cleaning up a floured table.

I have used many different sizes and types of rolling pins, but I really love this medium-sized silicone covered one the best.  It is a great size for rolling out bread, pie, and cookie dough.  The medium size allows me to work easily and is really user-friendly for home projects.  The silicone cover makes clean up a breeze.

Cherry Pitter

great gadgets for making cherry pies with this cherry tool
Cherry Huller

Look no further for a great cherry pitter in the collection of great gadgets, this one is for you.  I love this tool so much and for the longest time I put off ever buying cherries because of the pits and the difficulty of removing them.  Once I discovered this tool cherries are now something I’m excited to buy and eat!  This tool is great and removes the pits fast and easy making those cherry desserts something to get excited about!

Great tool to use in my Peach Cherry Pies

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