pastel cupcake cake

Daughter's Birthday Cake

Giant Cupcake-Pastel Celebration

pastel cupcake cake

Cupcakes are such a big part of my baking. After having a home-based business, where I would bake 100’s of cupcakes at a time. They are a signature part of my kitchen and my tummy as well! Having said that, I have never tackled a Giant Cupcake Cake.

I thought I would give one of these giant cupcake pans a whirl and create something fun for my daughter’s 22nd birthday! Traditionally, she gets a fun decorated 8″ cake. However, this year I hope to surprise her with something unique.

large pastel cupcake cake finished


I use pastel colors as my decorations since its represents her personality and spirit so well. She is young woman full of love, joy, and happiness. She lights up the room every time she enters and her personality and wit keep you smiling, always.

Roses, Roses, and More Roses

Rose is my go-to decorative touch in white, pink, and teal covering the top of the cupcake. The pink buttercream is flavored with strawberry for a delicious buttercream.

rose cupcake from the top

Chocolate and Vanilla

Chocolate buttercream, which is her favorite, coats the base of the cupcake giving her a little chocolate/vanilla two for one. Additionally, the cake is also chocolate and vanilla flavored. Either way, I think I can’t lose here!

Putting The Giant Cupcake All Together


First, I start by spraying a large cupcake pan with cooking spray generously so nothing will stick.

large cupcake pan

Batter placement for the top and bottom cupcake portion:

Top section: Fill 3/4 full Bottom section: Fill just over halfway

Typically, I use a double recipe of cake and then bake cupcakes with any leftover batter. If using a box cake mix, it will be about 2 boxes.

Cakes are cooled in the pan a good 10-15 minutes then removed from the pan to cool completely on a wire rack.

Once cooled, they are leveled off evenly and ready for decorating.

Making Buttercream

Second, it’s time to make the buttercream. I like to make a batch of plain and then divide it into thirds and color each pink, teal , and leave the rest plain for white. Use any color that you wish, have fun with the color scheme.

For the chocolate version, I had some reserved so I use that for the base. However, you really don’t need to decorate the bottom as it has a cupcake like pattern after baking.

Each buttercream gets put into its own piping bag with a Wilton tip 1M (rose tip) and we are ready to go!

three bags of icing colors

Assembly of The Giant Cupcake

Starting off, I take the bottom cupcake portion and place a little buttercream on the cake board, then place the cake right on top.

The bottom gets a coating of chocolate buttercream. After smoothing it out, I take the tip of a butter knife and run vertical passes up to form the lines.

Next, a layer of buttercream goes on top, this will act like the filling for the cake. The top cupcake gets put right on top and its secure and ready to decorate.

Giant Cupcake Decorating

First step, I take one color and pipe a rose on the cake, then repeat with the other colors trying to alternate colors so no two color roses are next to each other.

decorating large cupcake cake

Also, you can start by piping roses at the base of the top cupcake portion. Pipe all around the circumference till you have a row of roses. They can be the same color or different. Then repeat this with the next row on top alternating rose placement between the bottom row of roses.

Continue to fill in with roses and with any gaps, pipe a star to fill in the areas that you can see cake. The rose tip also acts as a star tip. Another two for one! You can be creative as you want! Pipe a rose on the very top to finish it off.

While the icing is still wet, feel free to throw on any of your favorite sprinkles or sanding sugars for some glam and a great final touch.

This Giant Cupcake is perfect for any birthday celebration!

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