Harvest Brownies propped up on a plate

Harvest Brownies-Brownie and Blondie Intersect

Brownies and Blondie’s

Harvest Brownies staked on a plate

Brownies and Blondie’s are like a marriage made in heaven in the cookies and bar category.  I’m always thinking up of unique recipes that feature these two bar-licious treats.

With black and orange being some of the two signature colors of fall (I love that color combination), I wanted to find a way to incorporate those colors into a brownie.   Harvest brownies, yeah that’s it, and is what immediately popped into my mind.



Here is how I make them:

I take my favorite brownie recipe, so close to the box version but extra ooey-gooey and chocolaty.  Placing them into a sheet pan.

Brownie batter in a sheet pan

Then, whip up my favorite Blondie recipe full of brown sugar and butter.  However, I put an extra fun twist on it by coloring the finished dough, orange.  The dough takes the color super well and the consistency is perfect for piping.

Placing the Blondie dough in a piping bag and cutting off the tip you can pipe horizontal lines of dough across the brownie batter.

orange blondie batter in a piping bag

brownies in a sheet tray

Then take a wooden skewer or butter knife and starting from top to bottom drag the knife down vertically through the orange lines.  Repeating this over till you reach the end of the sheet pan.

Harvest brownies ready to bake

The brownies are baked off and what is really nice is the orange dough does not spread much at all.

You can be super creative with this and make your own design.

Great Tip

A fun tip could be piping a pattern or picture with the Blondie dough.  After baking cut into bars and allow your friends and family put the pieces together to form the picture!  Let your imagination take you places on this one!

Harvest Brownies propped up on a plate

Harvest Brownies on a plate

Happy Fall!

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