Holiday Cookies

Holiday Cookies-Favorites From My Kitchen

Holiday Cookie Collection on a platter

As a baker, this is the time of year I look forward to and all the holiday baking. Each year, I typically start off around October planning out my Christmas cookies and cakes. Here I put together some of my holiday favorites from years past.

Candy Cane Yule Log

candy cane yule log on a plate

First up is a fun Candy Cane Yule Log. Instead of the traditional chocolate log, I go for the bright and merry colors of red and white that represents Christmas so well.

Cake: Red and white cake gets piped in vertical lines for a fun design after it bakes.

Filling: Filled with vanilla buttercream that really makes the cake pop and contrast colors so beautifully.

Top: Finished with more buttercream. To give it that log look, I drag a fork through the icing gently to give it that authentic look.

Garnishes: Decorated with buttercream poinsettias and chocolate balls

Its the perfect holiday dessert and incredible festive I might add. Probably the best part is when you cut inside and see that patterned cake with icing.

Holiday Cookies-Christmas Favorites

Next up are some of my favorite Christmas/Holiday cookies. Each year I try and do a new design and use a variety of colors and designs. I love colors and shapes and together on a plate makes the most festive and fun look that just shouts out HOLIDAYS!


Christmas Trees are some of my favorite to decorate. I can’t decide if I favor the green or white ones!??


Snowflakes go two ways here, one is a sugar cookie and the other is a fantastic chocolate cut-out dough. Accented with royal icing. I love the contrast with the chocolate cookie and white icing.


yellow star cookies with white drizzle


wreath sugar decorated cookies
These are one of my favorites

I take scalloped cookie cutters and cut the wreath and center out. They make a beautiful design.


linzer cookies
Linzer’s with a sprinkle of snow 🙂

Linzer cookies have been one of my favorites year after year. I love using raspberry jam for the centers. Delightfully, they make great gifts too!


red gift cookies

Speaking of gifts, this design was created for last years Christmas cookies I made for the Embassies. I love the different colors and the yellow bow completes it!

Holiday Biscotti

chocolate holiday biscotti on a plate

I love chocolate for the holidays and these get dipped in white almond bark and then dipped in sprinkles to give it that holiday look.

Assorted Colorful Holiday Platters

As mentioned above, the past few years I have baked Christmas cookies to give out to various Embassies in Washington D.C. What an honor it was and so much fun to share something so traditional from our nation to other nations.

Holiday Cookies
Some of my favorites and assortment of colors.

Holiday Gingerbread Cakes

Miniature Houses

holiday gingerbread cake village

Christmas to me couldn’t be without gingerbread. I just love this spiced cake and it reminds me of the holidays so much. Here I take my favorite recipe and put them into these cute molds to make miniature gingerbread houses. Check out the mold and “how-to” here.

Gingerbread Cutouts

holiday gingerbread cake pieces dusted with powdered sugar served on a platter

Another fun way to do gingerbread is using cookie cutters to cut out holiday shapes.

I take my favorite gingerbread recipe and bake it on a sheet tray. When cooled I place in the refrigerator till firm. Then, I use cookie cutters to cut out shapes, then dust them with some powdered sugar. So cute and festive!!

I hope the season brings you in the kitchen to bake up some amazing treats!!!

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