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Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen

gifts from the kitchen basket
Basket of Holiday Kitchen Gifts

The Holidays are here! Hearing that, does that stress you out or excite you? Or maybe a little of both? It seems like every year Christmas has a way of sneaking up on us, when its suddenly December, yikes! This year, I decided to create a few Holiday Gifts from My Kitchen to add to gift baskets to share with my fellow volunteers, friends, family, and neighbors!

Cookie cutter fudge wrapped in a bag with a bow

First up is yummy peppermint fudge. This fudge is not too sweet and has just a hint of peppermint flavor. Also, this fudge firms up nicely when refrigerated after cookie cutters are placed in the fudge to mold as they chill.

How I make it:

  • Fudge ingredients are combined and mixed well
  • Spread on a 1/4″ sheet pan
  • Cookie cutters inserted
  • Refrigerate till firm
  • Cut out with the cookie cutters and peel away excess fudge (saving scraps to munch on)
  • Placed in a gift bag and wrapped for gifts.

This is a super simple edible gift that totally rings holiday! I think the snowflake is my favorite way to present this!

This would be equally fun and delicious using regular chocolate fudge recipe.

Sand Art Soup- Kitchen Classic

stacked soup mixes in a jar with tags on the table
You can make your own label and tie with bow for a festive gift

Next up in The Holiday Gifts from my Kitchen, is a great tasting soup for cold winter days. With this artic cold blast incoming, this will be the perfect lunch or dinner to warm your heart and soul right up.

Holiday Go-To

I’ve been making these gift for many years, I couldn’t quite remember where I had gotten the recipe, but it’s been in my recipe box for about 20 years!

Each ingredient is layered in mason jars and present a variety of colors for a neat sand art look.

assembling gifts from the kitchen soups in a jar on the countertop
assembling soups in bulk

The flavors are just so yummy and hearty, and healthy too! Lentils, rice, peas, and barely are the staples to this delicious soup. The ingredients are layered right into mason jars which make for a beautiful display. Reminds me of those craft kits you could buy to make sand art displays. This is a total “take” on that.

Holiday Kitchen Potpourri Gifts

ingredients in a bag wrapped with a ribbon gifts from the kitchen
Everything gets placed in a bag for a great individual gift

This quick and easy gift is one of my favorites due to the incredible aroma it gives your whole house when you simmer this in water on your stove.

All the ingredients are in the bag, you simply place them all in a pot (slicing the orange/clementine) with water and let her go, bringing to a simmer.

Cinnamon and cloves give off that signature warm holiday scent, and the clementines and cranberries are perfect backup singers.


  • 1 clementine
  • 1 TBS cloves
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1/4 cup cranberries
  • 2 cups water in a pot

One of my favorite Holiday Gifts from my Kitchen in how quickly it makes your whole house smell like Christmas!

cookies placed in Indvidual bags with a bow
Great individual and festive gift

Did you know gingerbread cookies are the most popular Christmas cookie? I never knew that because I always assumed sugar cookies ruled in that top spot!

Every year, I try to make one gingerbread treat to balance out all the other fun festive cookies in the flavor department. This recipe is so incredibly lightly spiced, and I love the iced tops look they give.

These take me back to the iced gingerbread cookies you can buy in the store I ate as a kid!

Making this a simple cookie, I use cookie stamps as my tool for cutting them out. Use the link and to see how I use these stamps for creating delicious Oreo cookies. You can find these at one of my all-time favorite places, King Arthur Flour.

cookie stamps three versions

These gingerbread goodies get baked off and cooled then iced with a simple vanilla glaze. I really love how the icing shows off the images of the stamps.

Not to mention, make a fantastic addition to the Holidays Gifts from my Kitchen 2022.

Makes a Perfect Holiday Gift Basket

gifts from the kitchen basket

2022 was an adventure in my kitchen working on some new, along with a classic (never to disappoint-mason jar soup) in creating some delicious Holiday Gifts from my Kitchen. I loved sharing them with my family and friends.

These can be wrapped separately for individual gifts or put all in a basket to give as a gift! Additionally, they make a wonderful hostess gift too!

I’m already looking forward to what 2023 will inspire me.

Do you have some favorite gifts from your kitchen you love making and sharing? I’d love to know! Share them below in the comments!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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