ice cream cone cookies on a platter

Ice Cream Cone Cookies

ice cream cone cookies displayed

Ice cream cone, mmmmm…. I could totally go for one right now. As I’m sitting here working on this post, we are enduring a pretty significant heat wave here in the Mid-Atlantic. The mercury is reading 100 degrees in real time, woo!

However, these ice cream cones are cookie versions and go pretty wonderfully with a scoop of ice cream, I might add.

Its’ definitely an ice cream cone worthy kind of day and weekend! Maybe even a few ice cream cone cookies too.

Ice Cream and Summertime

Ice cream cones just scream summertime to me. I love visiting my favorite ice cream shop to get my favorite scoop; which happens to be Mint Chocolate Chip. Love having the ice cream just drip down the cone. Don’t you?

ice cream cone cookies placed on a platter

These are the perfect cookie to celebrate summer and so fun to make. You can substitute your favorite color for the flavors. I love the pink and white combination that goes so well with the tan color of the cone.


All that is required for these are:

  • Sugar cookies
  • Royal Icing
  • Imagination and Creativity

Getting Started

First step, I bake the cookies using my favorite sugar cookie recipe. I use a small ice cream cone cookie cutter for these.


Quick tip, you can bake these off and cool completely. Place in a freezer container and freeze up to 1-2 months. Then, when you are ready to decorate , just remove them from the freezer to thaw. You’re ready to go!

Making the Royal Icing

Making royal icing is super simple. I use pasteurized egg whites for these. Here is the super simple recipe: A kitchen scale is your friend for this.

Royal Icing

  • 8oz powdered sugar
  • 43 grams pasteurized eggs whites
  • 1/4 tsp lemon juice

In a stand mixer with a whisk attachment. Add the egg whites and powdered sugar and mix till combined on low. Mixture will look a bit translucent. Turn the mixer up on high and whip till the icing is thick and creamy white. Add in the lemon juice or vanilla and whisk till combined.


  • Thick: As is after it is mixed. Will be thick and used for piping details
  • Medium: Corn syrup consistency and is obtained by adding water little by little and mixing.


Now, the fun begins. Pick two colors you will use for the ice cream flavors. I like to use white and pink, but you can use just one color to make it easier.

Separate the royal icing into bowls and add color to each and prepare to proper medium consistency.

ice cream cone cookies on a platter

Creating the Ice Cream Cone

Medium Consistency

Next, I take a brown gel color and mix it into some royal icing. I just use a tiny amount to acquire that light brown color for the cone. I add some water to get this to a corn syrup consistency.

The icing gets placed into a piping bag with a Wilton plain tip 3.

I pipe a triangle of the light brown color and fill in the triangle on the cone part of the cookie. If the icing is the right consistency, it will not run over the edges of the cookie. Allow this to dry.

decorating ice cream cone cookie bases

Creating Ice Cream Cone Flavors

Medium Consistency

Second, pink royal icing is made and water added to also get the corn syrup consistency. Additionally, this is also piped on with a tip 3 just above the cone and allowing some space at the top to pipe the last ice cream color.

ice cream cone sugar cookies with royal icing

Feel free to place some of your favorite sprinkles here.

Most importantly, this must be dry before adding the last color in order not to mix the two colors.

Creating the Lattice

Thick Consistency

Third, some of the thick reserved royal icing is mixed with the brown gel color, but adding more to obtain a darker brown color. This will be used to create the lattice design on the ice cream cone.

ice cream cone cookies part 3

Rows of lines are piped diagonally with a tip 2 across the cone to give it that signature cone design. Be sure to pipe this over the completely dry cone color. I love this touch as it really brings the whole ice cream cone look together.

Finishing the Top

Medium Consistency

Finally, white royal icing is used to finish the top to give it that traditional ice cream cone look. A few white sprinkles is a nice touch but let your creativity reign here!

finished decorated ice cream cone cookies

These are perfect for any summertime occasion!!!

One More

Super size: If you really want to get wild and crazy here, you can use the larger ice cream cone cutter and go crazy with decorating.

Large Ice Cream Cone Cookies

Here are some I have made in the past. They are much larger but make great gifts placed in a cookie bag and tied off with ribbon for a great gift.

Other Decorator Cut-Outs

Check out some of my other cutout designs:

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