Ice Cream-Northern Virginia Style

Ice Cream Rolled, Shaved, & Shaked-Up

As summer is coming to an end, my family and I wanted to find some of the best summer sweet treats to beat those hot summer days.  Of course they had to be in the form of ice cream as my family are serious ice cream connoisseurs.

There is nothing like a cold treat to beat the heat and humidity this summer.  Come join me in our quest to find the best of summers offerings in Northern Virginia.





Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream is the new craze and we definitely wanted to check out what the hoopla was all about.  The Panda Tea House was our first stop, home of the bubble waffle.  You can actually watch as your ice cream is literally made right in front of you.  They take a liquid ice cream mix and place it on a large freezer service where it is frozen immediately and sliced and rolled made to order!

I have to say I’m totally loving the concept and really love the waffle that is served with this, it makes for a fun presentation and is very delicious, the waffle is optional.  We opted for the chocolate version loaded with Oreo cookies and chocolate sauce.  It was fantastic. The ice cream is so creamy and delicious!  We will definitely be back!

Rolled Chocolate Ice cream with waffle
Chocolate Rolled Ice cream


Shaved Ice Cream

I wasn’t sure what to think of shaved ice cream or could even picture it.  That led us to a neat place called Dessert Story.  This little gem is full of Asian classic desserts ranging from dessert waffles to their shaved iconic ice cream called “SNO”.  Of course if you haven’t noticed already, we love chocolate.  With that, we went for the Chocolate Sno Dessert.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we got this delicious bowl of heaven.  It was loaded with chocolate shaved ice cream, brownie chunks,  crushed Oreo cookies, and Nutella.  Sealing the deal it was garnished a puff pastry palmier which gave a nice crunch and sealed the deal.  It was absolutely delicious.  The ice cream was so light and I loved the texture of it.

Needless to say, there wasn’t anything left after we devoured it but an empty bowl and two spoons.

Doughnuts and Ice Cream

What could be better than two of the best treats, doughnuts and ice cream all in one dessert.  I was so intrigued so had to check this out.  Munch is a place where they celebrate these two treats in interesting ways.  You can order just ice cream or the “Donutwhich”, stuff doughnuts with ice cream and toppings.  Yum!

We opted for the “Munch-bowl” where an espresso doughnut was topped with cookie butter ice cream, caramel drizzle, and chocolate chips to top it all off.  It looked to die for and I have to tell you, loved that cookie butter ice cream!    What a great flavor that was, wished I had thought of that sooner!

The ice cream and doughnut went so well together as the textures married well.  It was like eating ice cream and cake, but in a different way.

Check out this fun dessert before we dove in.

Shake It Up-Vanilla or Chocolate

Of course shakes go with summer like soup on a cold day.  Triple Craft did not disappoint us.  A burger and shake joint with a fun place with a super great location.  It sits right on the Potomac River and they have a nice outdoor patio where you can watch the planes take off and land at Reagan National.  More importantly, where you can sit out and enjoy these amazing shakes.

Their shakes come in three simple flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.  These are loaded with whipped cream, sprinkles, brownies, blondes, drizzle, and sweet treats.  We couldn’t decide which flavor to get so we ended up getting both!

If I had to pick, I think chocolate was my favorite, both were so wonderful but I love how everything tasted so perfectly with the chocolate.

Cant wait to go back!

Hope you have enjoyed some awesome summer eats this season!!!

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