Italian Tiramisu-Rome

Roman Prize

As a lover of the fantastic dessert of tiramisu having tried many version both at home and in restaurants, I thought I had tasted and experienced this really great dessert !  Additionally, I would make this in my first restaurant job where we would serve them in martini glasses, which gave it such a classy presentation.  But, Oh goodness not so fast….it wasn’t until my trip to Rome last summer did I encounter the crème ala crème of this amazing dessert.  It was a very small shop in downtown Rome, very close to the Spanish Steps did my life change forever! On a recommendation by our Airbnb host, my family and I went to check it out. Can I tell you, we were in no way disappointed! Literally, we could not stop eating this.  Amazing and delicious just didn’t quite express what our taste buds were experiencing. Of course we went back for more wishing we could bring a case home with us. It will rank very highly as one of our great memories of Rome! Cheers to Pompi!

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