lemon mousse desserts with decorated strawberries and whipped cream on a plate

Lemon Mousse

individual dessert with strawberry garnish on a mini plate
Perfect for individual desserts

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a dessert that is cold and creamy. Mousse totally fits the bill for that perfect after dinner summertime dessert. This Lemon Mousse with strawberries is a dessert from many years past that I recently brought back to my dessert table.

Mousse Memories-Army Style

This recipe brings back some great memories of my fellow Army wives while stationed at Ft. Hood, Tx. Back in our subdivision, not too far from the post was some of my precious girlfriends and memories we created together in the three years we were together.

Food and Friends

Often times, we got together and had lunch and dessert while our husbands were away training. Us wives were holding down the Homefront-fun style, gathering together and sharing army stories and great food.

My sweet friends were all young new moms and came from all parts of the country. Additionally, they were all such great cooks! How I loved our food fests and sampling some delicious food and recipes over talks of motherhood and military experiences.

These sweet ladies were family to me as we all were so far away from our families back home. That’s one of the things I thought was special about Army life, was the bond and friendships you created wherever we went.

Lemon Mousse Discovery

individual round desserts on platters
some fun ways of serving

Lemon Inspiration

I distinctly remember one of my friends being an awesome cook. She ventured into the arena of Bon Appetit Magazine and Gourmet cooking recipes. One dessert that distinctly stood out from back in 1996-1997 was her incredible Lemon Mousse she served.

Wow, it was absolutely hands down amazing. She served it in wine glasses, and I couldn’t believe how delicious it was. At the time, I didn’t think I was a fan of lemon desserts too much. However, this recipe totally made me roll over a new tide.

Thankfully, she gave me the recipe and I have had it in my recipe box since then. However, I could not understand the recipe directions that I wrote down! So crazy! I ask myself, what was I doing when I wrote this!!!??????

1996 to 2022

Fast forward to 2022, yes it took me that long. I decided to venture on the “net” and try to find the directions to this recipe for some clarity in my scribble scrabble. I believe it was a Bon Appetit recipe, or maybe from the Silver Palate Cookbook?

To my wonderful surprise, I found it! You can get the recipe for this absolutely amazing Rancho Lemon Mousse.

Trust me, you will want to try this. Yes, the steps may not be as simplistic but definitely worth the work. The Lemon Mousse is INCREDIBLY light and smooth with a hint of lemon. Truly, it is one of those desserts you will keep in your repertoire forever if you are a lemon lover and fond of mousse desserts.

Lemon Mousse with Strawberries-Individual Desserts

Let me show you how I incorporate this delicious lemon mousse with strawberries into a fun individual dessert to celebrate summer with a cool and refreshing lemon twist.

For individual desserts I go back to my trusty equipment and components that are perfect for making solo desserts:

  • Ring molds- one of the best pastry tools I own!
  • Vanilla cake
  • Piping Bag
  • Lemon mousse
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Whipped cream

Here is how they get assembled:

Cutting Cake for Bottom Layer

ring molds with vanilla cake in the bottom
You can use any leftover cake too for the bottoms

First, I take some leftover vanilla cake and use the ring molds to cut rounds for the bottom portion of the dessert. While cutting the bottoms, I also cut smaller rounds for the middle section (described below).

Adding Strawberries and Mousse

ring molds on a sheet pan with cake and strawberries
placing the strawberries around the ring mold

Second, I line the edges of the ring mold with sliced strawberries and pipe lemon mousse between each strawberry to keep it stable. Then pipe a layer of mousse to cover the strawberries.

Adding Mousse

filling mousse into ring molds with strawberries
Placing the mousse inside to keep strawberries from moving

Third, I cut a smaller round of cake out smaller than the bottom and place on top of the mousse.

assembling mousse desserts in ring molds
Adding the second cake layer to the dessert

Final Layer of Mousse

mousse piped into ring molds
Filling the rest of the mousse until flush with the top of the ring mold

Lastly, I pipe an additional layer of mousse on the top that is flush with the top of the ring mold and smooth out with an offset spatula.

These go into the freezer to freeze firmly, usually overnight.


When removing the ring molds, I use a kitchen torch and run around the outside of each ring to loosen where the ring mold will slide right off. These get placed in a plastic storage container in the freezer until ready to thaw and serve.


Once I’m ready to serve, these get a dollop/swirl of fresh whipped cream and strawberries.

In a way, they are much like a strawberry shortcake but with a lemon twist.

Not only do they make a show stopping dessert to serve to your friends and family but perfect I might add, for an awesome summer dessert!

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