mardi gras whoopie pies stacked on a table

Mardi Gras Whoopie Pies

mardi gras whoopie pies on a table

One of my beloved desserts, in many bakeries and homes across the fruited plain. But, these Mardi Gras Whoopie Pies are show stoppers; perfect for any celebration.

There is no secret myself, family, and friends just love these. They are just so delicious and a lot of fun to make. In fact, I have designed many versions, check them out here!

They are just a great idea bringing cake and icing together for an individual serving to eat all on your own! Yep, you don’t even have to share unless you want to.

I decided to create one for Mardi Gras this year incorporating all the fun colors of gold, purple, and green. They really give the wow factor with all the vibrant colors.

The Cake

I started with my go-to vanilla whoopie recipe and divided the dough in half. Coloring one half purple, and the other half green.

For the recipe for the cake an buttercream filling, click here.

mardi gras whoopie pies stacked on a table


I used a vanilla buttercream icing and colored it three ways. You can use any icing here. I prefer the buttercream over the marshmallow version because I love the creaminess and sweetness of the buttercream.

green, yellow, purple buttercream in pastry bags with plain tip


After coloring the dough I use a small cookie scoop to place on baking sheet. and bake. I’m able to get half of the scoops green and half purple.

After cooling them completely I find a match with a green and a purple cookie to form the sandwich.

Filling the Whoopie Pies

I take my thee colors of buttercream and pipe dots of each color using a plain tip rotating the colors on one of the bottoms of the cookies. For a variety, use some green and purple for the bottoms and opposite colors for the tops.

Then I replace the tops. You can alternate having green and purple as the tops for a variety of colors where one pie has a green and then one has a purple top and bottom.

The multi colored icing really gives it a great look and explodes with color. But, there is more….

Decorating Whoopie Pies

Here is a quick tip for decorating already baked items with sprinkles or sanding sugars.

To each of the whoopie pies I brush the tops with a thin coating of corn syrup and then sprinkle with the colored sugars. The sugars adhere to the cookies perfectly and gives it an awesome look.

Use different colors for the green and purple tops.

Decorating Tip

Another great tip is combining the yellow, purple, and green sprinkles in a small bowl, mixing them well. Use those to decorate the tops of the whoopie pies.

It completes the glam for this Mardi Gras version!

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