mini pavlova with fruit on top on a plate

Mini Pavlova-Perfect for Individual Servings

decorating individual mini pavlovas with fresh fruit and powdered sugar

Summertime is here, that means fresh fruit is in season and the first thing I think about is a glorious Pavlova dessert. Meringue based dessert, topped with cream and fresh fruit. Perfect to showcase delicious strawberries and blueberries. However, this Mini Pavlova is perfect for entertaining and a fun, light, summer dessert-individual style.

Typically, I usually make this into a large version and serve it family style. However, I’m such a fan of mini desserts and this falls perfectly into one of those categories. You might be asking, what in the world is a Pavlova and where does it come from? What’s Cooking America has a nice explanation and brief history.

Large pavlova

Looking back, I made these mini versions as my Pastry Arts final exam in culinary school for a platted dessert back in 2006! Funny, I still remember it like it was yesterday. But more so, still love making and eating this light and chewy dessert.

The Recipe

This recipe uses traditional Pavlova ingredients including egg whites, sugar, a touch of vinegar, and cream of tartar. For the recipe, click here.

The egg whites are whipped along with the sugar to make a stiff meringue. This is piped into a ring mold for an easy shape, then baked off till lightly golden in color.

Shaping Mini Pavlova

For the individual mini pavlova version, I use ring molds to pipe the meringue into to make the shape and to get the height I’m looking for. Once piped, the ring molds are removed gently by lifting straight up. They leave the perfect individual tower of meringue.

making individual meringues with ring molds on a cookie sheet

I bake these off for a short time in the oven, just till they are slightly browned on top. Then, finish them off with the oven off and door slightly opened. They get to hang out for awhile letting them sit to cool and finish that beautiful crunchy and chewy meringue.

Mini Pavlova-Decorating

Decorating is the best part to this mini pavlova as you only need a few pieces of fruit and fresh cream. Here, you get to use your creativity placing an assortment on top with whole or cut fruit. Cutting the fruit gives it a nice look and color profile.

decorating dessert with fresh berries and cream
Adding fresh cream and some fruit to decorate

A simple dusting of powdered sugar gives it a nice finish.

If you have never had a Pavlova, you must try one soon! They are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Absolutely delicious!

Finished Mini Pavlova with fruit
Dusting of powdered sugar finishes it off

Pavlova’s are perfect and easy for a summertime dessert. Made from a few ingredients and definitely worth every minute of your time.

Quick Tip

You can make the meringue a day ahead. When cooled, place in a covered container at room temperature.

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