spring whoopie pies on a platter

Moms Whoopie Pies-Celebrating Spring

tie dye whoopie pies

Spring is inspiring me to go back into the whoopie pie mode and create something bright that celebrates the colors and tastes of spring. Moms Whoopie Pies were born, showcasing yellow and pink and a surprise purple filling. Can you guess?

Favorite Recipe

First, I take my favorite whoopie pie recipe, you can get that here. I found this recipe in a Amish cookbook in an amazing Amish market. Hands down delicious and I use it as a base for my creation.

Fell in love with this recipe, as it’s made with buttermilk and produces a light and tender crumb on the cake. Traditionally, I fill this with a vanilla buttercream but this version gets another surprise filling….. blueberry!

Moms Whoopie Pie Filling

The filling is simply made by cooking frozen or fresh blueberries with some sugar and water and allow to thicken to produce a nice compote. Finishing off with a splash of lemon juice which brings the flavors together so wonderfully. I thought this was a perfect springtime filling for these Moms Whoopie Pies. My mom loves blueberries!

blueberry filling inside whoopie pie

Tie Dye Look

First, I make the batter and separate it into two bowls. Then, I color one bowl yellow and the other pink with icing colors.

bowls of colored batter
coloring the batter
tie dye whoopie pies piped on sheet pan
Swirl eclectic look

These get placed into a piping bag, keeping each color on one side of the bag. I gently give them a mix to swirl the color just a little.

The cakes a quick pipe on the baking sheet giving it a “Tie-Dye” look. I love the colors! Mixing it up a bit, I make a few with some of the solid colors and top them with sprinkles for some variety.

Putting Them All Together

Once these get baked off, I fill them with vanilla buttercream, then place some of that wonderful blueberry compote inside. More importantly, the buttercream prevents the compote from leaking out.

filling whoopie pies

Just love the color combinations and once they are sliced into, that beautiful blueberry filling works in contrast to the pastel colors of the cake.

Moms version of this fun sandwich reminds me so much of my mother. She is sweet, always cheerful and bright, just like the yellow and pink these pies showcase.

stacked spring whoopie pies

Simpley Delish!

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