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My Top Boards on Pinterest

How many of you love Pinterest? Me too! I could literally spend all day on there looking at all the great ideas and recipes. Literally, every topic you can think of is located on Pinterest.

I wanted to assemble and share with you my top 5 boards and invite you to check them out and come follow me on Pinterest.

You know I actually can’t remember when I first discovered Pinterest, maybe 7 years ago?

Funny, I first discovered it through a gourmet cooking club member as one of the recipes she made was from Pinterest. At first I was kind of lost in how to use the platform. However, once I got the hang of it, I was hooked right out of the gate. How about you?

I love all the recipe ideas and the incredible creative twist that shine through in this super popular social media platform. I have tried so many recipes off Pinterest, including dinner recipes, and for the most part all of them have been super delicious!

One of my fond memories of Pinterest ideas was from a wedding I baked the cake for. The bride did all of her decorations and party favors from ideas on Pinterest. It was fantastic! The decorations were so simple but really made her wedding theme come together so wonderfully.

My Pinterest Board

Top 5 Boards

Come take a tour with me of my top boards as of this week. I think you will really enjoy them, especially if you love to bake.

  • Cookies
  • Biscuits to Brownies
  • Cupcakes
  • Breakfast and Brunch
  • Cupcake Bouquets

1. Cookies

This is my popular board with 181 pins. It has a full range of flavors, colors, and types of delicious cookie ideas. I have tried many of the recipes and they have all been so amazing. The next one on my list to try is the Texas Sheet Cake Cookie. That just looks fabulous! I love Texas Sheet Cake.

2. Biscuits to Brownies

This board is devoted to all my blog posts and recipes. It is filled with multiple dessert ideas including cakes, cookies, breakfast breads, cupcakes, pies, and whoopie pies.

You can really tell my “beginner” pins compared to my pins now. It has been a learning curve in my last year since I started the blog. It’s always fun to make new pins and posts and see which recipes does the best.

Currently the most popular pins from the board are the whoopie pies and chocolate cupcakes.

3. Cupcakes

The cupcake board is loaded with so many fun pins from some really creative and delicious looking ideas. I run my own bakery business where I make many cupcakes so I LOVE seeing all the great flavor combinations.

Several of my pins from the blog are located on this board and there is also a subsection to this board for giant cupcake ideas. Check it out!

4. Breakfast and Brunch

This is one of my favorite boards. I have pinned so many recipes lately from this board. I LOVE making big breakfasts on the weekend. Hands down, some of the best recipes I have made come from this board.

You definitely have to check out Blueberry Pancake Breakfast Casserole. Wow, its amazing as I made it last week. It taste just like pancakes and feeds a crowd!!!

5. Cupcake Bouquet

The final board is a fun one. Since I make a lot of cupcakes, the cupcake bouquet’s are great way to use and arrange them in such a beautiful way.

This board is loaded with so many awesome ideas with a multiple array of colors and flowers types. Also, some great how-to in assembling bouquets in multiple ways. I think you will love this board as much as I have. Love the color combinations of the many different bouquets in all the pins and it is truly an inspiration to create something beautiful!

Follow me on Pinterest, and Instagram. Look forward to seeing you there!

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