Neapolitan Oreo cookies on a platter

OREO Trifecta-Neapolitan Style

stacked homemade Oreo cookies on a platter

The Oreo, what is not love? America’s favorite cookie! These Oreo cookies are a play on the classic cookie loved by so many, including me and my family! Including another homemade version of Oreo and Doughnut cookies.


Additionally, they are a fun take on a the classic Neapolitan ice cream. Always loved this because in one scoop you get the trifecta flavor combination of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Still can’t decide which is my favorite flavor. Probably have to go with vanilla. I’m a simple girl.

However, instead of chocolate, I replace this with a mocha version. It really works.

Neapolitan Oreo Cookies on a platter

Oreo Classic Meets Ice Cream Classic

Oreo meets Neapolitan. Two great classic desserts loved by many come together to equal one incredible duo of awesomeness! Special dark cocoa powder gives these cookies that deep chocolate color and flavor that really allows the creamy buttercream fillings to pop making flavor perfection!

homemade oreos stacked on top of each other on a plate

OREO 101

I start with my favorite chocolate sugar cookie dough and roll that out to about 1/4″ thick.

cookie stamps three versions
One of my new favorite kitchen toys

Taking these up just a notch, I like to whip out these really cool cookie stamps I purchased last year. They really give this sandwich cookie an amazing design and really fun to use. I purchased these from Sur La Table. You can also get them on King Arthur Flour.

A great tip using these, I dust them with some flour and tap the excess out before stamping the cookie dough. This prevents any sticking and makes this process go super smoothly. Also, be sure to apply a good amount of pressure when you stamp in order to get a good design.

After I stamp out all the designs, I take a small round cutter, the same size as the stamps, and just cut around each design for a perfect circle.

oreo cookie dough with cookie stamps
Once stamped, use a round cutter to cut around the stamped cookie dough


Caution: Eating too much cookie dough can be harmful to your health. No seriously, it’s so good, it might even outrank chocolate chip cookie dough!

The cookies are placed on a parchment lined baking sheet before going into the oven to bake. Once baked, the cookies really hold their stamped design well.

Once they are cooled, the buttercream is made. Click here for a super easy buttercream,


  • Vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Strawberry

With each batch of buttercream, it is separated into three bowls and I use strawberry, mocha, or coffee flavoring to flavor the first two bowls, leaving one bowl just plain vanilla.

Buttercreams are then placed into their own piping bag and are piped onto a base of each cookie. The sandwich tops are then placed on top and gently push to adhere to the buttercream.

piping buttercream inside homemade oreo cookies
Filling cookies with the three different buttercreams

You could have some fun with this and use two different designs for the top and bottom cookie.

The cookies are perfect just on their own but I’m all about really making them stand out with a little decorative flare.


Strawberry: I like to leave these as is because they are pretty perfect on their own. The strawberry buttercream goes so perfectly with the deep chocolate cookie. (I think they are by far my favorite).

Mocha: I take some dark chocolate coating and melt, then dip half of the cookies into the chocolate. Sprinkle of some chocolate jimmies while the chocolate is still wet and then allow to harden.

Vanilla: Vanilla almond bark or candy melts are melted and placed in a piping bag and drizzled over the top of the cookies. This will harden pretty fast.

Homemade Oreo Cookies on a plate
Homemade oreos on a plate

These make such a fabulous cookie and gifts for anyone who is totally crazy for OREO’s or just a cookie lover like me.

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