Homemade Oreo Cookies stacked on a plate


Oreos and Doughnuts-Sweet Eats

Oreos and doughnuts, love the way those two words sound.  What can I say I confess that I’m a serious doughnut lover and it’s hard to walk by a doughnut shop without caving into my weakness?

Doughnuts-My Love for Them

Yeast raised doughnuts are just so good, the yeast ones with powdered sugar and jelly filled ones by far are my favorites.

I love doughnuts so much and making them is a special treat because I have to be motivated to get into the kitchen to make them. My Caramel Doughnuts are some of our favorites. Check the link for how to make them.

Just love getting all that powdered sugar all over my mouth after indulging into a blueberry filled one, admitting that I couldn’t only eat just half of one.

Doughnut Favorites

Also, yeast glazed doughnuts also rank pretty high up there. I always tell myself I’m a simple girl and the glazed ones don’t get any simpler than that and just hit the spot!  Party in my mouth and I justify my lack of will power in how light and fluffy they are and calorie free right?  At least that is what I tell myself.

Doughnuts also come in the baked variety, here are some yummy creations:

Before we leave the doughnut category, I have to share with you one of my ALL TIME favorite doughnut places. If you are ever in the Northern Virgina, Washington, D.C. area, check out Sugar Shack Doughnuts. Amazing, huge doughnuts! Mercy Me, they are divine! Definitely get the caramel one!!

Doughnut Cookies

For part B of Oreos and Doughnuts. The cookie: these are in honor of my kids, which are now grown.  They love doughnuts as much as I do and particularly the yeast ones with sprinkles.   I always remember a trip to the doughnut shop where my daughter always grabbed the chocolate glazed with sprinkles.

sugar cookie cutouts to look like doughnuts

For the cookies I just used a sugar cookie dough and cut them out with a round cutter, then a smaller round cutter to cut out the center.

It was really fun being creative making these cookies. For the icing, I melted chocolate almond bark (you can use vanilla too) then used a mini icing spatula to place the icing on the cooled cookies.  Sprinkling each cookie with some fun assortment of sprinkles while the icing is still warm smooth before hardening. 

The almond bark dries very nice for a solid coating.


Doughnut cookies decorated on parchment paper


My family just loves Oreo’s, there is ALWAYS a package in our pantry begging to be accompanied with an iced cold glass of milk.  There is just something about that yummy filling with the dark chocolate cookie. it is just so good isn’t it? No wonder it is American’s top selling cookie.

So, I decided to go on a quest and make my own and I found two things in my baking tool kit to help: dark cocoa powder and cookie stamps.

I used the special dark cocoa powder you can find in most grocery stores and some cookie stamps I found in a local cooking store.  They were perfect in getting that authentic look to the cookie with a unique design.  You just imprint the cookie dough with the stamps and use a round cutter to cut them out.  Head to my gadget page here for the cookie stamp I used.

Homemade oreos on a plate

For the filling I just made a simple American buttercream and piped them into the cookies once they cooled.  I couldn’t wait for the first bite, they were so delicious.  I love the way the dark cocoa taste along with the vanilla buttercream. It’s a marriage made in heaven.

You can easily scarf one down in record timing, and oh of course have an iced cold glass of milk on standby to enjoy with them!

Oreos stacked on a plate

So the question begs, do you eat them all together or remove the top and scrap out the filling and eat that first?  Regardless, no wrong way to enjoy these awesome cookies! Which do you prefer? Oreos or Doughnuts?

Try these Oreo Trifecta cookies

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