Patriotic Sugar Cookies

Patriotic Dessert-Celebrating the 4th of July

Celebrate America!

Patriotic dessert, such fun to make each summer as I love doing special dessert recipes for the holidays.  All things considered, I just love everything red, white, and blue.  Maybe it’s because as an army wife of 20 years, these special desserts have a special place in my heart.  Allowing to serve alongside my husband, was one of our highest privileges. Old Glory can be seen quite a bit throughout our home and even a unique version which was flown over the Pentagon after 9/11 is honorably displayed.

Patriotic Dessert Cookies

Patriotic Sugar Cookies


What’s fun about a project like this is you can design your own patterns and be as creative as you want!  The sky’s the limit when you have an invitation for inspiration here to try different techniques and color variations.

I like making my royal icing using pasteurized egg whites with a little lemon juice and vanilla extract.  It makes for a super glossy and beautiful finish.

Happy Birthday America Cake

Another great Patriotic Dessert: A colorful cake dedicated to our great country turning 242 years old!!!  Or should I say years young, in comparison to most other countries.  July 4th is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate primarily, the pride it brings as a citizen as well as, having a long history of family members on both sides who served this great nation defending our precious freedoms.

Also, its a fun holiday that celebrates with super fun food.  Watermelon seems to be a great memory I had growing up eating while watching fireworks.   Living in our nations capital we are a stones throw away from seeing the great fireworks display on the National Mall each year.  Truly, its one of the most awesome places to be on the 4th.

With that, I designed this cake for a recent cake show I entered to showcase our great nations colors and the inspiration came from Old Glory herself.  It was both a fun and challenging project and still one of my favorite designs.


America Cake


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