fried pie dough with strawberry sauce

Pie Dough Pie Dippers-Great Leftover Trick

fried dessert dough in a bowl

Pie dough not only serves a purpose in creating pies but also a fantastic fried dessert.

Pie Dough Scraps

You know how when you roll out a pie crust you have all those scraps leftover and you are not sure what to do with them. Should you save the dough? Toss it?  Sometimes I will roll it back into a ball, wrap and place in the refrigerator, then simply forget about it till weeks later.

So, I decided to come up with some fun ways to use those scraps lying around.  I figure either you worked so hard preparing a homemade pie crust or if using refrigerator version, it’s just so good not to waste right?

I have a great idea for you! Introducing pie dough dippers, a great alternative in using that leftover dough and getting another great way to enjoy that buttery crust.

Pie Dough-Two ideas

Here are two fun ways I like to use leftover pie dough scraps:

  • Make small cuts outs to garnish a pie (you can see how I did this with my blueberry crostata)
  • Cut the scraps into shapes and bake or fry for a unique snack.

Pie dippers from pie dough are so good and you can eat them just like a pie but dip the crust into a fruit filling or even a cream filling for a really easy and delicious snack.  You can use any cutters for these and specialize them according to the season.  Here below I just used small circles and fall leaves.

fried pie dough

Baked or Fried

You can bake-off the pie crust cut-outs or fry them till lightly browned in vegetable oil.  Much like a doughnut.  Drain them well and sprinkle with a little sugar or cinnamon sugar mixture after you remove them from the oil.

frying in a pan with oil

This is almost like a deconstructed pie of some sorts where just like cheese and crackers, you are using any kind of fruit couli or filling as your “cheese.”  I used strawberry here which is one of my favorites.

fried dippers with strawberry sauce on a plate

If you need a recipe for an easy strawberry couli or strawberry sauce, check it out here.  You can substitute other fruits for the strawberries in the recipe.

Pie Dough: Dip Ideas

Some other ideas you can use for your dipping sauces are:

Pastry Cream
Chocolate Sauce
Whipped Cream
Whipped plain or flavored cream cheeses

I particularly love the caramel and chocolate sauce.  They remind me of a favorite restaurant where beignets are served with these sauces.  It’s equally as delicious with these fried pie dough dippers.

fried dough with caramel and chocolate dipping sauce

Next time you have leftover dough, try this fun way of enjoying this great buttery treat!

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