Pink converse shoe replica cake with white laces

Pink Converse Shoe Cake-Sculpted Cake


Pink converse shoe replica cake with white laces

This Pink Converse sculpted cake is a fun replica of the classic converse shoe.  Pink is one of my favorite colors and I had to highlight it here in this fun cake. This was actually modeled after one of my daughter’s shoes which was actually blue.

As a side note, when I first started doing sculpted cakes I was a bit nervous I would mess up the structure that I was trying to capture.  However, I learned a great tip that you can sometimes make adjustments with more cake and icing, adding or deleting to get the look you are striving for using the cake and icing like mortar and bricks so to speak.

Great Beginner Project

This is a great beginners project to start with.   One tip is to start carving little at a time you can always take more off but can’t put anything back, right?

Here is a fun step by step captured in how it all came together.  I did a black and white cake with buttercream and used pink, white, and blue fondant to finalize the finishing touches.

How Do You Make a Sneaker Cake?

Laying foundation for a converse shoe sculpted cake
Getting the length and height right

First Carving the Shoe Cake

First, setting the foundation for the pink converse cake, just getting the right length and height and one to fit nicely on the cake board.

Carving a cake to look like a sneaker
Shaping into a shoe

Second-Buttercream and Fondant

Secondly, finalizing your shape.  This will get a nice crumb coat of buttercream to seal in all the crumbs to make for a smooth under coating for the fondant.

Covering sneaker shoe cake with fondant
covering with fondant

Third-Covering and Decorating Pink Converse Shoe Cake

Thirdly, putting the fondant over the cake and setting up the palette for the fun to begin.   I put the blue and white fondant on the toe area first, then used the white trim for accent.


sneaker made into cake

Finally, the finished cake with all the glam, Ta- dah! You can cut out strips of fondant for the laces and use some white and black royal icing piping for extra enhancement. This Pink Converse has come to life to look so real, even good enough to eat!

Even more of a thrill than creating this fun project! This particular cake show venue did not have air conditioning, yikes…. and all the fondant and buttercream cakes there were slowly succumbing to the heat and humidity by melting.  We were all hoping they held up just in time for judging!!!  Thankfully most of them did!!

Try sculpting something fun with cake and let me know in the comments below what you created!?

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