pumpkin roll presentation with cookies

Pumpkin Roll-Vibrant Fall Design

baked, filled, and sliced pumpkin roll

Fall is in full force and one of my favorite desserts of the season is the classic Pumpkin Roll. I love it, but this year I decided to give it a upgrade celebrating the colors of fall.

I’ve been making this dessert for years. It’s a classic recipe and I love the gentle spice of the cake encircling a creamy filling.

For the filling, instead of the traditional cream cheese filling, decided to go with an orange flavored buttercream. Colored orange of course, to go with the season.

Pumpkin Roll Face Lift

Lately, I have seen many rolled cakes that have an artistic touch to them. I was inspired by those ideas and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try something new and spin on this pumpkin roll.

To start, I take some of my favorite fall cookie cutters and make a collage on a sheet of parchment paper. My favorite fall leaves and an acorn cutter.

I trace a design on the parchment with pencil making it dark so you can see the other side when it is flipped. Adding some leaves and swirly designs and using different colors along the way to make it vibrant.

Traced design using cookie cutters for pumpkin roll design

Second, the paper gets flipped so the design is on the bottom. A light coating of cooking spray is applied and then wiped gently with a paper towel. I’m ready to work now.

Colors of Fall

I take some batter and color it into three colors, brown, red, and orange. Traditional colors of fall leaves. Can’t decide which is my favorite… These go into their own piping bag with plain tip 3.

Time To Be An Artist

Now, I wouldn’t quite call myself an artist, but this was fun. The cutters make it super easy and I take some of my cake decorating skills to put some finishing touches on.

harvest roll design piped before baking on parchment paper

I mix and match some of the colors together. Once done, I put in the freezer to get firm for a few minutes.

The batter gets made which comes together super fast and easy. Loaded with pumpkin too. Yum!

I grab my attempted masterpiece and pour the batter over the design and spread it out evenly in the jelly roll pan.

jellyroll batter in a pan

Into the oven it goes! I’m getting excited.

Once the cake is done, I immediately flip it out on towel and gently peel back the parchment paper, after a short prayer hoping it works!! It gets flipped again so that the design on the bottom. Immediately the cake is rolled up in the towel and stays at room temperature to cool completely.

Once cooled, I fill it with the orange buttercream. Carefully, not overfilling it and roll it back up. Into the fridge it goes, wrapped to chill a few hours.

Lastly, the ends get trimmed and its ready to dive into!

harvest jellyroll presentation with cookies

Just love the vibrant colors, especially the orange and red. Placing it on a white plate really makes the colors pop. Here, I use some of my favorite fall cookies and beloved candy corn for decoration and garnish.

This makes a sensational centerpiece and the sky is the limit to what you can create.

Meyer Lemon Jellyroll

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