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Purveyor-Fusion Cuisine Huntsville

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As the restaurant scene is slowly recovering from Covid-19, Huntsville is back in the game and one of their amazing restaurants downtown is Purveyor. A collection of unique eats with some dishes representing a slight Asian flare.

If you want a place that serves up amazing food with incredible flavors, this is your place. Every dish is carefully crafted with components merry well together. But mostly, loaded with incredible flavors that will make this dinning experience memorable.

Once arriving, you are greeted with a kind hostess staff. Not to mention, and our server was also wonderful and he takes care of all the dining experience, almost like we were dinning with a friend.

The Menu

Exquisite food in a casual atmosphere makes Purveyor a perfect dinning spot for any occasion. The menu has something to offer any palate composing of small plates tapas portions, which makes eating an adventure while trying out several dishes.

Salads and Entrees round out the menu with carefully thought out components for each amazing dish. They range from beef, steak, chicken, and seafood. Something to satisfy every culinary category.

One small plate we must mention is their incredible Wagyu Beef Taco. Wow, is the only word that comes to mind. Literally, the best steak that has ever been in my mouth. So incredibly smooth and buttery. I have no words! It was that incredible!

Small Plates


short rib tacos

Small plate tacos were a huge hit for me and my husband. Not only were they fun to order, but equally fun to eat. They arrived at our table on these mini taco boards dressed beautifully with their sidekick accompaniments.

My husbands favorite was the Short Rib Tacos.

Purveyor Bao Buns

asian bun tacos on a plate

If you have never eaten a Bao Bun, you must try them. Oh they are super soft as a pillow! These buns came in a duo and filled with delicious soft shell tempura crab and kimchi with a hint of spice. They were incredibly delicious and full of flavor!

Truffled Macc N Cheese

truffle macc and cheese in a bowl

This version of macc n cheese caught our eye and we had to try it as they were recommended by our server! Having never eaten truffles before, so I wanted to find out for myself the rage of this intricate delicacy.

Earthy is what comes to mind upon tasting this dish with black truffle. The macc was creamy and delicious with small portions of broccoli infiltrated throughout with a hint of blue cheese.

Not Your Ordinary Fried Chicken

fried chicken on a plate

After canvassing the menu, I decided on the half fried chicken entrée and boy was it incredible. I thought my eyes deceived me when it came to the table. Wow, I didn’t know what to say! They say you always eat with your eyes first, that was definitely true here.

Two huge portions of golden fried chicken (thigh and breast) laid on top of a butternut squash puree and broccolini. The chicken was moist and delicious from their 48-hr brine and the crispy skin was to die for!

The dish was well thought of with the different cooking techniques as well as each colorful component. I love the dark green broccolini coupled with the bright orange puree that sits perfectly underneath that golden goodness.

All in all, it was a most wonderful dinning experience and one of our most memorable meals together! We will definitely be back!

Compliments to the Chef and Staff for a great evening!

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