small bites display of mini foods on platters

Small Bites-Sweet and Savory

small bites display of mini foods on platters

My friends and I were chatting one weekend at an eclectic coffee place that happened to host small tea parties. We indulged in some really great tea, conversation, and of course, delicious small bites. We were all inspired by the delicious sweet and savory bites that were all so yummy. Cucumber sandwiches, small pastries, cookies, cakes; all were perfect small bites, sweet and savory.

Our time there was memorable and inspired me to do a home version of a small bite party with my friends. Not quite a traditional tea party, but one showcasing some of my favorite creations both in the sweet and savory arena.

Creating The Menu

Menu creation was both fun and crazy. As I was overwhelmed with so many sweet ideas and the perfect savory accompaniments to boot. Thoughts went back to mini desserts I’ve made in the past that were crowd pleasers. As well as, go-to appetizers that never fail. Hmmmm, such a hard decision.

Sweet Small Bites Inspiration

Colors, textures, and flavor profiles were foundational in bringing a little of each to the party. In the dessert arena, I wanted to showcase a variety of fruits including, orange, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, and peaches. How is that for variety! Not only do they bring beautiful color for presentation, but brightness in the flavors they represent.

Chocolate, of course had to be on the menu in some capacity! Most definitely! My friends love chocolate and I couldn’t disappoint! Deciding to go simple here and make mini cupcakes packed full of chocolate flavor celebrating a belated birthday for a special friend.

Sweet Menu:

  • Mini Cheesecake Shooters with Raspberry Puree
  • Orange Vanilla Creme Brulee
  • Lemon Mousse Spheres with Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • Double Blueberry Mousse Bites
  • Mini Mocha Cupcakes
  • Chilled Peach Soup

Savory Sidekicks-Small Bites

Savory menu picks were quite easy, I knew I wanted to make some type of tea sandwich, check. My go-to appetizer always for dinner parties is these mini Greek olive tartlets. 100% Greek salad minus the lettuce inside a mini phyllo cup. So incredible delicious! Love the salty flare this brings.

Meat, cheese, and fruit always are great for any party, so what about combining them all together in a small party cup and make it a deconstructed charcuterie cup. You might be saying what is that? Charcuterie usually represents cold meats and various other items. I believe we get this savory category from our friends across the pond in France. Charcuterie Boards are so fun to order in restaurants. They have small bites of different items that go so well together and a fun way to eat, even makes a great conversation piece.

Memory lane took me back to culinary school in probably one of my least favorite classes (if there was one) was Garde Manger. Basically, its cold food preparation but done in a very decorative and artist way. I could never get too excited about that class for some reason??? However, I still learned a lot but found that to be an area of culinary that required precise and beautiful artistry which I definitely lacked! I’m a work in progress! 🙂

Savory Menu:

  • Asian Orzo Salad
  • Charcuterie Cups
  • Greek Olive Tartlets
  • Mini Chicken Salad Poppers
  • Ham and Strawberry Tea Sandwiches with Bacon Jam

Little Greek, Asian, and Southern round out this menu for a nod to a mini fusion cuisine for the palate. I have to say, the bacon jam was delicious, sweet and salty all in one bite. I will have to find more ways to incorporate that into other appetizers!


  • White Cake Platters
  • White Rectangle Platters
  • White Mini Round and Square Dishes

Presentation is everything right? You eat with your eyes before you palate. I’m pretty much a simple girl so I go with classic white. Having these white cake and rectangle platters are perfect to display all the different serving vessels and makes all the colors pop. Along with, mini serving cups in different sizes and shapes rounds out the mini theme perfectly.

White is and always simple and elegant isn’t it?

Time to Eat-Sweet Savory or Both

My friends arrived and and we enjoyed terrific food and conversation, celebrating old and new memories with a side of sweet and savory. Food is what brings you together and such a fun way to celebrate the special people in your life!

a plate of small bites
Wouldn’t be complete unless you get one of each!!!!

Love Mini Desserts? Here are a few ideas.

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  1. I thought I had posted a comment already, but thank you so much for our small bites celebration! It was amazing!!!

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