Old Mill food products on a table

Smokey Moutain Food Finds

This past fall we made a trip to the Gatlinburg area for a short getaway for some crisp mountain air, most importantly, brought home some amazing Smokey Moutain Food Finds. Being a Georgia girl, I was looking forward to some great southern food!

Smokey Moutain scenery trees
The Great Smokey Mountains

Thinking back, it had been years since we visited the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area with our kids when they were still with us. There are all grown up now, so this trip was just hubby and me. Much hadn’t change, Pigeon Forge is still a big tourist attraction along with the streets of Gatlinburg. However, not so crowded as we visited just before peak leave season.

Not only did we have amazing food while we were there, but we also found some equally amazing food finds to take back home to remember our time eating good ole southern comfort food!

Cinnamon Roll-Smokey Moutain Style

One morning for breakfast we visited The Five Oaks Farm Kitchen for a good country breakfast. We certainly weren’t disappointed. My hubby and I both LOVE cinnamon rolls, but this was UNLIKE any cinnamon roll we’ve eaten.

Number one on the list of my Smokey Moutain Food Finds.

farm kitchen restaurant sign out front in Pigeon forge
Farm Kitchen Restaurant home of the giant cinnamon roll

When they brought it to the table, I was so blown away! We needed 2-3 more people to help us even make a dent! Regardless, it was delicious and ooey gooey just how you want it to be.

What is that Icing?

Interesting however was the icing on the top. Doesn’t it look amazing!!!????

At first, it looks like a traditional cream cheese/powdered sugar glaze, but getting up front and personal, I believe it was made from fresh whipped cream that was lavished over this incredible hot mess of goodness. Actually, I kind of liked it much better because it gave it a bit of a light side to the richness of the cinnamon sugar dough.

I might take my strawberry orange rolls and make a giant version for inspiration.

If you are ever in the area, definitely go check it out because it qualifies as GREAT Smokey Mountain Food Finds-total gem.

Old Mill Country Store Food Finds

One of the highlights of the trip is visiting and eating at Old Mill. They have a collection of amazing products that range from jams, jellies, and a plethora of milled flour products that you can definitely get excited about. I sure did!

The second on the list of Smokey Mountain Food Finds.

Old Mill food products on a table from the smokey mountains
Some awesome food products I brought home

Milled Flour and Grains-Smokey Moutain Style

They are one of the oldest mills in the country and grind a whopping 700K of grains a year! There is nothing like fresh ground baking products straight from the mill. The taste is just amazing. No middleman here, you can purchase it straight from the sight of production to your table to create some amazing baked goods.

old mill milled floured and grains in bags
Milled Flours and Grains

I walked in and knew this was my kind of place. Stacks of milled flours, cornmeal, pancake mix, grits, syrups, and jams. Oh, my goodness, I was a kid in the candy store. Of course, I wanted to buy one of everything but operated a bit of restraint and grabbed just a few for my trip home.

Milled flours in a bag from old mill store in the smokey moutains
Can’t wait to try them all!

My first project is trying the milled flour in some of my favorite breadbasket recipes.

Fresh Baked Breads

In addition to their country store, they have two restaurants right next and across the street from the store. If you love southern comfort food like I do, this place is a MUST visit. We had lunch at the Pottery Shop Cafe. First, when you walk in you see many loaves of their fresh baked bread inhouse. YUM!

Also, back behind the counter you can see the bakers working hard baking up a variety of all those loaves of amazing bread!!! Boy did it smell so good! Our lunch was fantastic, and the bread was incredible!

Not only do they sell their fresh milled bread to customers but use it in the restaurant for their sandwiches.

I told hubby if he was okay with it, we could just come back every day to eat there and try different dishes! Incredible and definitely qualify in Smokey Mountain Food Finds.

Online Store

If you mouth isn’t watering already, you can even shop their online store for great gifts or just to keep your pantry full of their milled flours!

Fairwell Smokey Moutains

smokey mountain scenery
Smokey Mountains

I was almost sad to leave behind our mountain get away. Breathing in the crisp mountain air, hiking, eating, and enjoying just a bit of fall color excites me with great anticipation to our next visit.

What I loved Most…

The Smokey Mountains are full of so much, but my favorite things are:

  • Beauty and peace the mountains offer
  • southern hospitality
  • Downright stick to your rib’s country cooking.

If you are ever in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area, definitely make a visit to these two incredible places for some amazing southern comfort food and pantry items that make for some fantastic, awesome, amazing, Smokey Mountain Food Finds!

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